Ovarian cysts reverse!For more than 7 months of pregnancy for 8 days, can children still keep it?

"Pain! Pain! Pain!", A few days ago, a 28 -year -old pregnant woman Xiao Li (Hua surname) had a stomachache and screamed.In fact, Xiao Li has been 8 days since the faint pain at the beginning to the severe pain, but at the 29 weeks of pregnancy, she could bear it again, but the painful pain tortured her pain.As soon as I checked, it was found that the cyst cysts of pregnant women twisted.What should I do in such a complicated situation?Can the children in the stomach still be kept?Recently, under the overall organizational organization of the Southeast University Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, under the overall organizational organization of the treatment guidance and guidance and quality control center, Xiao Li successfully received the most minimally invasive single -hole laparoscopic surgical treatment.It was painful and kept the fetus.At present, Xiao Li has returned home to recuperate and wait for the birth of new life.

Sudden abdominal pain, pregnant women are in critical condition

Some time ago, Xiao Li was still immersed in the joy and happiness of "September Queen". Suddenly the pain in the right lower abdomen suddenly appeared, accompanied by vomiting. Because it was a first tire, Xiao Li had no experience.If the response, I didn’t care, the forbearance passed.However, this pain did not weaken, but it became more and more serious, which lasted for 8 days."This stomach hurts wrong, and I feel that the appendicitis is about to commit crimes, and go to the hospital to see!" The family quickly took Xiao Li to the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University.

What causes stomach pain?The attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Central University Hospital received Xiao Li. Considering that Xiao Li was already in the second trimester, the image examination had little effect on the fetus.After CT examination, it was found that the abdomen occupied positions, not appendicitis.After B -ultrasound, it was found that the ovarian cysts were reversed, which also solved the cause of the patient’s severe abdominal pain.In fact, before pregnancy, Xiao Li knew that he had ovarian cysts, but he did not expect that he was pregnant unexpectedly, and he didn’t care about the previous ovarian cyst. I did not expect that with the increase in pregnancy, ovarian cysts were reversed.

Surgery or conservative?Treatment is tricky

Pregnancy with ovarian cysts reversed!Can the children in the belly still be kept?After comprehensive assessment, there is no surgical indication to terminate pregnancy.But is the ovarian cyst reversal surgery or conservative treatment?If conservative treatment is continued, a series of risks that endanger the safety of maternal fetuses in a series of risks such as infection and fetal distress in the palace.But if surgical resection, what kind of surgical method is used to minimize the damage to maternal and infants?If the removal part of the conventional open surgery is used, as the children in the stomach are getting larger and the tension of the incision may cause poor wound healing.If the laparoscopic minimally invasive method is used, the surgical field of vision is limited.Where does the path of treatment go from?

"It is best to surgery immediately!" The director of the Ministry of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Jiangsu Province, and immediately decided to treat the treatment strategy.What kind of surgical method is the optimized?"Single -hole laparoscopy" surgical trauma, fast recovery, and less damage to maternal and infants.The surgery is imminent, and a fierce "battle" is about to start.

Steady steps, successful through difficulties

However, for pregnant women to perform general anesthesia, we must first have anesthesia. It is necessary to ensure the smooth progress of the operation and maximize the damage to the fetus in the belly.As a result, the anesthesia experts customized the precision anesthesia scheme, adjusted the anesthesia dose to the optimization, and the patient’s vital signs during the overall care.

Next, the surgery is closed, and it is even more difficult. Although single -hole laparoscopic surgery is small, but through the natural cavity of the navel, it is necessary to avoid the fetus and completely remove the resection part. This pair of surgery must be removed.Experts are a huge challenge.And the shorter the surgery time, the smaller the damage to the mother and baby, and the better the patient recovery.Professor Shen Yang, deputy dean of Zhongda Hospital and a famous obstetrics and gynecologist, is a master of minimally invasive surgery of "single -hole abdominal mirrors". He led Dr. Ding Bo and so on."Take down" to remove the right attachment where the twisting of the ovarian cyst is located. Within half an hour, the surgery ended perfectly.

After surgery, Xiao Li continued to observe and treat in the obstetrics and gynecology ward, and fetal heart monitoring was normal.After surgery, not only did the mother’s illness, but the baby in the belly was safe and sound, and the mother was safe.At present, Xiao Li has been discharged from the hospital and returned home to calm down, ready to welcome the baby’s advent.

As a result, the pre -pregnancy examination should be comprehensive

In response to the ovarian cysts of this "accident", Chief Physician Yu Hong reminded that for women who are preparing for pregnancy, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive examination before pregnancy. If there are ovarian cysts, if there are surgical indications, it is recommended to remove it after removing it.Pregnant.Because on the one hand, ovarian cysts may affect fertility. Once ovarian cysts become larger or degenerated, it may affect the ovulation function of the ovarian, or cause sperm and ovarian to not be combined normally, resulting in female infertility.When ovarian cysts grow to a certain size, cysts may occur, and severe cases will endanger women’s lives.On the other hand, if pregnancy is combined with ovarian cysts, there is a risk of ovarian to reversing, which will cause ovarian necrosis, infection, and may even cause dystocia, abortion or premature birth, which may have adverse effects on the fetus and pregnant women.

Correspondent Liu Min Cheng Shouqin

Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Yang Yan

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Source: Zi Niu News

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