Painless is not harmless

The arrival of new life always meets unexpectedly

Especially many young "confused" mothers

Until the symptoms of pregnancy are obvious

I realized that I was pregnant …

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For some plans for pregnancy or due to physical reasons

Women who don’t want a baby for the time being

Had to choose to terminate pregnancy

In the face of artificial abortion, the sisters have different mentality. Some people are anxious, and they can’t wait to perform surgery immediately. Some people are hesitant and drag again at the operation time.

Pay attention to the time of abortion surgery, "too early" or "too late" can not work.

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A better time is between 35 days and 55 days after pregnancy.During this period, the uterine wall is thicker, the gestational sac is moderate in size, and the surgical operation is easier and safe.Of course, due to the different constitutions of each person, there may be certain deviations in the time selection of the flow of people.Therefore, after finding that you are pregnant, you should go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination and listen to the doctor’s opinions.

1. The night before the abortion needs to take a bath and change the clean underwear.

2. Try to wear pants as loose as possible, bring your own sanitary napkins, toilet paper.

3. Avoid sexual life within one week before abortion.

4. If it is a painless abortion, fast before surgery, water for about 6 hours.

5. Oral melolitol before surgery, with softening cervix, enhancing tension and intrauterine effects, reducing cervical damage, and preventing cervical adhesion.

6. Corresponding gynecological examinations and urine pregnancy experiments, B -ultrasound, blood, urine and other routine examinations before abortion.

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Many people want to know painlessness and pain?Anesthesia doctors performed artificial flow in gynecologists under the implementation of a whole body anesthesia, and anesthesia doctors injected systemic anesthetics through vein.It can enter the sleep state for about 30 seconds. The surgeon began to perform abortion. After the pregnant woman was unconscious, the surgery could be completed after about 3 minutes. The entire surgery process only took 3-5 minutes.Pregnant women have completely recovered their consciousness after surgery, and they can leave the hospital by themselves after 30 minutes.

1. There is no pain and fear;

2. The short bleeding time and the total amount are small, which is beneficial to the rapid recovery of the body;

3. The duration is short and will not delay normal work, life, etc.;

4. No drug leftover and side effects;

5. Advanced equipment and professional operation. This surgery introduces advanced material and equipment, and is implemented by full -time doctors;

6. Safe, each surgery is equipped with a professional anesthesiologist, the amount of anesthesia is standardized to ensure the safety of the surgery

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Suining Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology experts’ instructions on female friends: Although painless abortion surgery has become a general way of abortion surgery, as an operation, it will inevitably cause some harm to the body.Any kind of abortion surgery can reduce the harm to the uterus. In order to reduce the damage, the majority of female friends must choose a regular medical institution.

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