Panda fake pregnancy was made up by netizens for blowing air -conditioning "national treasures"

2015-07-29 14:54

Abstract: Recently, the panda "round" has caused heated discussion among netizens for the fake pregnancy of air -conditioning air -conditioning. All netizens ridiculed "Yuanyuan", saying that the giant panda is indeed a national treasure and is too wise.According to Taipei City Zoo, the giant panda is generally 120 to 150 during pregnancy ..

Recently, the panda "Yuanyuan" caused heated discussion among netizens to blow air conditioning. All netizens ridiculed "Yuanyuan", saying that the giant panda is indeed a national treasure, and it is too intellectual.

According to the Taipei City Zoo, giant pandas are generally 120 to 150 days during pregnancy, but giant pandas have embryos to delay the bed. In the past records, the shortest pregnancy was 72 days, and the longest was 324 days.On March 26th and 27th this year, during the peak period of "Yuanyuan" in the mainland to give a big cat and bear in Taiwan, they carried out two artificial insemination for "Yuanyuan".Everyone continues to observe the physical condition of "Yuanyuan" to confirm whether "Yuanyuan" is pregnant.

Since June 11, the phenomenon of delaying eating and slowing action has occurred. The concentration of feces has also increased significantly from the 13th. On the 23rdThe left side of the uterine body has a thickened phenomenon, which makes the staff suspect that the "Yuanyuan" is pregnant.

But unfortunately, most of the pregnancy behavior and the characteristics of "Yuanyuan" gradually disappeared from July 13th. After evaluating the evaluation of the Bears and the mainland giant panda expert Zhou Yu, it was finally confirmed that "Yuanyuan" was not pregnant this year.

In this regard, the staff believes that Yuanyuan is only extended to pretend to pretend to be pregnant in order to enjoy better living conditions. It turned out that a woman gave birth to a woman last year and had a comfortable single room.Fruits and snacks are serving, making giant panda music.

Netizens said that they were drunk. In order to blow the air -conditioned panda, it was quite hard to make a fake pregnancy trick.

@Qin Dynasty: The hot panda also needs to be cool, let’s not blame them.Treat the panda to treat yourself well and wait!

@Vvin! Sure enough, life is like a play, all rely on acting skills!

@: Even the pandas are so hard this year. What are the reasons do you not work hard? Saying good animals can not become fine after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

@ZMY-KOREYOSHI: Our national treasure really stands up by selling cute ~ too cute

@: The first time I saw this title, I thought which girl was abused. I opened it to see that it was a national treasure. It seems that the little guys also know to enjoy life.

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Title: Grand Panda fake pregnancy is teased by netizens for blowing air -conditioning "national treasure"

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