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I don’t know I’m pregnant

What should I do if I take a small pill?

Cold and fever, I want to take medicine

But I was worried that it would hurt the baby

I’m breastfeeding the baby

Can you take cold medicine?

Due to the original disease, you need to take medicine for a long time

What should I do if I want a baby?

… …

In the clinic, there are too many doubtful expectant mothers/mothers.

I don’t know I’m pregnant, I ate cephalosporin …

Brother Jiajia, a pregnant woman, was inflamed due to her throat. Since August 29, she took the cephalosporin capsule for 3 consecutive days, and later found that she was pregnant.This time she was panicked. After taking so many small pills, can the baby can’t ask?

After further understanding, we found that Jiajia came to the hospital to monitor ovulation on August 24 for infertility. On August 25, the same room was 0.25g/time orally, 3 times a day.But this baby is a surprise among the family’s hope, and the family does not want to give up.

Can Jiajia’s children ask?

According to the dangerous classification of medication during pregnancy during the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cephalosporin security belongs to Class B, which refers to the inadequate research in animals, but the human research materials are not sufficient or the animals are toxic, but human researchNo dangerous.

The pregnant mother can take medicine without knowing pregnancy, and can refer to the following rules:

1. The impact of drugs on the fetus within 1-14 days of fertilization is roughly divided into two types: cause miscarriage or not affect embryo development.That is, if there is no abortion, you can continue pregnancy.

2. The 15 -day pregnancy to 3 months of fertilization is the high -sensitivity period for the teratogenic teratogenic.

Because Cepatotrus Ding Capsules has a small impact on this pregnancy, and the medication is within 14 days of fertilization. We recommend Jiajia to take timely time for pre -delivery screening. Babies are possible.

Can I take short -acting contraceptives during breastfeeding?

The 4 -month -old mother, Xiao Ou, was breastfeeding her baby, but she was accustomed to taking short -acting contraceptives and she also wanted to use the estradioline meteropatoprophone to contraception.But Xiaoou was worried that the medicine would go to the milk and hurt the baby, so she came to the outpatient consultation.

In fact, there are indeed disabled drugs during breastfeeding, and many drug descriptions are also written.The estradioline Cyanone is a composite preparation of estrogen hormones and can enter the milk of breastfeeding women.Among them, 0.02%of the daily estradiolin dose and 0.2%of the daily cycloid ketone dosage can be transferred to the baby through milk, so this is a disabled drug for breastfeeding.We recommend that Xiaoou still uses physical methods first, and then consider other methods when breastfeeding is over.

Regardless of whether it is pregnancy, pregnancy, or lactation, there are taboos of medication. Different individuals and solutions are not the same. They have their own tangles and their own doubts.Regarding the problem of medication, it is recommended to consult as soon as possible.

Red House Pharmaceutical Clinic

Special rescue you!

Outpatient service:

1. Drug treatment assessment: Establish information such as medical records for patients’ outpatient clinics, collecting patients for patients, last menstrual time, pregnancy time and other information.

2. Evaluate the treatment of drugs: sorting the current medication, reorganizing the drug, combined with the patient’s pregnancy period of pregnancy during pregnancy, or the secretion of breast milk during breastfeeding, provides individualized medication education, enhances patients’ understanding of drug safety and understanding of the drug’s understanding of drugs.Give appropriate intervention measures and suggestions.

3. Answer the patient’s questions about medication.

4. Follow up the treatment of drugs, and establish a follow -up of medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to take a doctor:

Sweep → Follow the public account → wait for the dialog box message → click the appointment!

Treatment time:

13: 30-17: 00 per Friday (Yangpu Yuan District)

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Clinic Team

Pang Yanyu

Head Pharmacist

He has been engaged in clinical pharmacy in obstetrics and obstetrics for 13 years and 5 years of education in the base. It is familiar with the principles of diagnosis and treatment of various gynecology and gynecology diseases.Rich.

Wang Xianli

Deputy Chief Pharmacist

Master’s degree, who has been engaged in obstetrics clinical pharmacy services for 10 years. Since 2016, he will be taught to teach the Chinese Hospital Association and the Shanghai Hospital Association’s obstetrics and gynecology students.wait.

Sun Hui

Head Pharmacist

Master’s degree, who has been engaged in clinical pharmaceutical services for obstetrics and obstetrics, is familiar with obstetrics and gynecology diseases and diseases. The main pharmaceutical services are used for obstetrics and gynecology infection diseases, gynecological endocrine, gynecological tumors, and breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Li Changyan

Head Pharmacist

Master’s degree, main pharmacy service direction: gynecological endocrine medication, pregnancy -time breast lactation medication, obstetric chronic disease management medication, etc.

Golden Classic

Head Pharmacist

Master’s degree, engaged in obstetrics clinical drug services for 7 years, the main drug service direction: gynecological endocrine medication, medication for breastfeeding during pregnancy, gynecological anti -infection, etc.

Written: Sun Hui

Review: Tang Jing

Edit: Li Miaoran





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