Parenting said: How to calculate the pregnancy cycle?Is 28 weeks and 7 months?

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How to calculate the number of pregnancy weeks?

Medically, the pregnancy cycle refers to 7 days a week, 4 weeks and one month, and a total of 40 weeks is 280 days, only 9 months and 10 days.

How to determine the pregnancy cycle?

The pregnancy cycle, at each pregnancy cycle, each stage requires different growth, which can calculate the fetal due date.There are many computing methods, such as body temperature method, measuring palace high method, etc., but the following two methods are generally applicable, especially the second.

First, calculate from the last period of menstruation. This is a pregnant woman with a period of accurate menstrual cycle. In the month of my menstruation, the month of the period is the month of the expected period.This method of use is relatively simple. Although it is not very accurate, it has a certain reference value.

Second, use B -ultrasound to calculate the results.It is a relatively accurate algorithm. It is more accurate than the time in the last menstrual period. It can also be calculated through the length of the fetus, such as double -top diameter, femoral length and other rough estimates.The due date.This method is very common and relatively accurate. Like myself, the last menstrual and due date are delayed for a week, indicating that I was pregnant late.precise.

Is the pregnancy cycle 100 % accurate?

It’s not 100 % accurate.Because the normal pregnancy cycle of pregnant women is about 38 to 42 weeks, and it is about 9 to 10 months to the month. Because the menstrual cycle is long and short, some are five days, and some are seven days, so the pregnancy cycle will also affect the impact.Some people were born in 38 weeks, and some people did not give birth until 42 weeks.When you are pregnant, you can calculate the due date and prepare it for almost days.

Is 28 weeks and 7 months?

Even if it is 28 weeks, we are calculated according to the surroundings, even 28 weeks, seven months.

We go to the pregnancy week mainly based on the calculation of the calendar. Seven months of pregnancy will become about 28 weeks. It is when the fetus develops rapidly. The fetus has grown to about 38 cm.At 28 weeks, the baby’s development is normal. Although he has taken shape, the lungs have not yet developed, so pay special attention to the phenomenon of premature birth.

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