Parents, do you really understand your baby?These 1 performance is implying that the fever is looking for the door

From the beginning of pregnancy, the mothers have been looking forward to the birth of the babies. After the cute babies were born, the first sound to the outside world was their loud crying, announcing their arrival.After they grow up a little bit, they will learn to smile, watch their tender smiles, listen to their pleasant laughter, and believe that everyone will be full of sweetness and warmth inside.

The daughter of a friend’s house suddenly had a high fever two days ago.Although sometimes the baby’s fever is the body’s self -defense of the virus, and does not need to be too nervous, but the parents are panicked when they see the baby’s fever, for fear that the high fever will not be able to burn the brain.All kinds of methods that can be reduced to fever can not be used, as long as it can cool down quickly, even if it usually feels unreliable, it doesn’t matter.However, some incorrect fever methods will increase the baby’s condition.

What are the symptoms of your baby’s fever?

How to judge newborns fever: 1. Touch.Usually touch the baby’s little hands and the back of the neck, you can know whether the baby’s body temperature is normal. More importantly, you can understand whether the baby’s clothing is suitable.Normal body temperature, once the baby has a fever, you can immediately "find out".You can use your hand to roughly feel the baby’s body temperature abnormalities. You can also use your forehead to contact the baby’s forehead. If the baby’s forehead is obviously hot, the baby is mostly a fever.2. See: If the baby’s face is flushed, lips are hot, crying, or when there is no appetite, the baby is likely to be fever, and the body’s moisture consumption is greater when fever.And the urine is yellow and the color is darker, and the baby may also increase the body temperature.3. Measurement: The body temperature is used to measure the body temperature the most, measure the baby’s underarms or neck.

How to prevent children’s fever?

First, remember to take the baby to take the baby on a regular basis. If the baby is usually weak, the flu vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, etc. should also be considered to be vaccinated.

Second, keep the indoor air circulation, open the windows 2 to 3 times a day to ensure that the indoor air is fresh. The oil fume and the indoor cigarettes in the kitchen can easily reduce the baby’s resistance and get sick, so try to avoid it.

Third, adhere to breastfeeding, add cod liver oil in time, and sun exposure, which is very good for enhancing the ability of the respiratory mucosa to resist disease.

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