Parents should not worry too much about motion sickness and seasickness.

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In the morning in a breeze, Xiao Qingqing’s family prepared to travel to the field.When she first got on the car, Xiao Qingqing lay on the window to see the passing scenery, talking about the novel scenery outside.After a while, Qingqing’s mother found that her child was noisy behind, and she was unusual and quiet.

Qing Qing’s mother looked back and saw Xiao Qingqing’s little face white, and there were thin sweats on her forehead.The scared Qingqing mother immediately stopped her dad.Qing Qing’s mother asked anxiously: "Baby, what’s wrong with you, where is uncomfortable?" Qingqing opened her eyes weakly: "Mom, I want to vomit, so uncomfortable."

Qingqing’s mother judged that her child might have motion sickness, and helped Qing Qingping lie down for a while to relieve a lot.After that, Qingqing’s mother discovered that every time Qingqing took a car, there would be a mild or severe motion sickness symptom.Qingqing Mom is very puzzled, why is this?Both of Qingqing and I have no motion sickness.

Motion sickness and seasickness are a classic phenomenon of "vestibular disorders". Many children motion sickness and seasickness are also afraid of high.Many are caused by the disorder of the balance system.Similar to car brakes and ship shaking, such as relatively severe shaking, can cause the vestibular balance organs to be stimulated and cause symptoms of dizziness.

The vestibular consciousness is also called balanced consciousness and quiet consciousness. Specific organs of the main ending of the human balance system.It is the most important ability that affects infants and young children’s development and learning ability.Mengmeng has been in the kindergarten class. The kindergarten teacher always has a small movement to the child to the child to the mother, and the attention is not concentrated.Meng Meng’s mother thinks that the little girl should not be as naughty as a boy. She doubt whether the child has polymotidians.Experienced kindergarten teachers and Meng Mengma said that the child may be "pervasive disorders."

It turned out that it was not just motion sickness.How moving the vestibular imbalance is still moving.Thinking of one of my friends, he told me that he started talking when he was three years old, and always expressed unclear thoughts.Laughing at the time, his parents thought he was dumb …

The child speaks very late, and it is unclear. There are always errors in expression, and the words are unsatisfactory.This is because the vestibular consciousness also contains the senses of language learning, so it also has a great impact on children’s language and emotional learning.

In addition, vestibular disorders will also affect the sense of balance of children, the ability to coordinate hands and feet is not good, and the ability of self -regulation is worse than other children.These things will lead to the inferiority of the child, the lack of motivation to do things, and will also affect the child’s learning and mood.

01 Mother’s pregnancy is too small during pregnancy, and the child is developing slowly

The occurrence of this phenomenon is closely related to the mothers when they are pregnant and the child’s fetal position is not correct.These situations are likely to be the reason why the child consciously develops slowly after birth.Some pregnant mothers have too much nutrition during pregnancy. For various reasons, there are no appropriate exercise, which causes the fetus’s fetal position in the mother’s body that the fetus is not fully developed.

02 The "activity volume" of infant and young children is far from Meng Meng’s mother very puzzled: "When I was born, I always insisted on walking every day, and occasionally to do some simple yoga suitable for pregnant women.What about the situation? "

Some children do not "exercise" during the crawling stage, and early crawling and other activities do not do enough, which will also affect the maturity of the front court balance mechanism.

03 Long -term stroller affects the baby’s vestibular balance development

In life, many parents push their strollers to take their children to take a walk in the park, and even block the small curtains on the stroller, for fear that the child is frozen.This approach is actually incorrect.

This approach not only limits the child’s actions, but also makes him unable to get in touch with the outside world.Not only affecting the development of children’s thinking, the stroller also reduces the opportunity to feel "love", and parents will not hug him.It seems that the stroller makes the child sitting on a car, which is very comfortable. Parents will also be more convenient because of the baby car operation.

The development of the front court requires children to establish during activities and playing. Sitting in a stroller for a long time, the child lacks the opportunity to play outside, which affects the child’s learning ability development and the development of a balanced mechanism.

Through the cause of the child’s imbalance, we can attribute the following directions to prevent and adjust the "vestibular disorders": Moms during pregnancy have a good role in promoting the development of the baby’s "vestibular consciousness"

During pregnancy, mothers can increase the opportunity to develop the baby’s balance mechanism in the stomach through physical activity such as multiple exercise and increased exercise.The absence of fetal position can be adjusted to correct the fetal position by improving sleeping positions and improving living habits.Children’s teaching aids and shaking movements are significantly effective during the early childhood

In early childhood, you can use some methods such as leisure and shaking to hold your children to exercise the child’s vestibular balance.For more older children, you can try to teach tires around 1-2 years old, such as shaking cars, tumblers, and small Trojans.Outdoor activities promote the development of the "vestibular balance mechanism"

Strengthen the frequency of children’s outdoor activities. Do not worry about children playing outside, or do some strenuous exercise to stop.Play facilities such as trampoline and balancing wood in some parks will exercise the child’s vestibular consciousness to varying degrees and make them healthy.

Playing more children in some parks and playgrounds can promote children’s physical development.If the child already has a "vestibular disorder", it can start with the irritating outdoor activities.

In the early stage, children may cause dizziness due to poor balance ability. It doesn’t matter. Parents need to encourage their children to overcome difficulties and psychologically help children reduce their resistance to outdoor interaction.Parent -child activity promotes children’s comprehensive development

Parent -child games can also exercise children’s balanced development.For example, parent -child activities such as football and family games have a good promotion effect.

In addition, the benefits of parent -child games can not only exercise the child’s vestibular balance, but also efficiently promote the development of good parent -child relationships.Children do games with their parents highly, and their parents’ speech encouragement and game interaction during the event can better stimulate the child’s vestibular official, so as to better develop.

The child’s "vestibular feelings" manifestation, parents do not have to worry too much, avoid misunderstanding of behavior, and do a good job of doing the above work can help children alleviate the problem of "vestibular feelings".The child’s growth inevitably requires the joint efforts of both parents. It is the key to solve the problem in both body and psychology.

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