Patients with sudden abdominal pain at 29 weeks of pregnancy, diagnosing acute appendicitis, and conservative treatment of OR surgery?

A special abdominal pain patient:

Female, 32 years old, pain in the right lower abdomen and right waist for 2 days, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and current low fever.

Examination: Just like tenderness, rejuvenation pain, ultrasound positioning appendix areas

Ultrasonic examination results:

Diagnosis: 1. Acute appendicitis during pregnancy 2. 29 weeks of pregnancy, single child

Abdominal pain during pregnancy, if acute appendicitis is diagnosed, based on experience and diagnosis and treatment guidelines, the first choice of surgery to remove the appendix, so as to reduce premature babies;

Surgery pointer:

1. Abdominal pain for 2 days, which is aggravated;

2. There is fever;

3. There are fixed tenderness and reflective pain in the right lower abdomen;

4. White blood cells are very high;

5. Experience is the appendicitis during pregnancy. The active surgery recovers better and has a smaller impact on the fetus;

6. Patients and family members choose and agree to the operation.

If premature birth at this time, it costs nearly 300,000 premature babies;

Patients and family members, actively cooperate with treatment;

Surgical incision design: red line site

The surgery found the appendix gangrene, the bad odor, the surgery was smooth, the abdominal pain was completely relieved the second day after the operation, and there was no fever. On the fifth day, it appeared smoothly;

The gangrene appendicitis is accompanied by the surrounding inflammation of the appendix, which is the most serious inflammation of the appendix

Thank you, thank you: Good adults, good children, I am nice;

This patient is a late pregnancy. If it is early and middle, I recommend choosing laparoscopic minimally invasive resection of the appendix and recover faster!

For fourteen years of work, I only encountered a abortion of acute appendicitis during pregnancy:

Patients with abdominal pain, local medical insurance in the morning, diagnosed acute appendicitis, patients and family members refused, and the pain was unbearable in the afternoon. At that time, the hospital was in the hospital, the patient and family members had the consequences of the signing of the surgery.After agreeing to the operating room, I have not entered the operating room, and I have missed …

Several questions about pregnancy with acute appendicitis:

Acute appendicitis is one of the common scholarships in pregnancy. It can occur at all stages of pregnancy. It is more common in early pregnancy and laparoscopic minimally invasive resection.

Once the pregnancy combined with acute appendicitis is diagnosed, conservative treatment is generally not advocated.While actively anti -infection, immediately surgical resection of the appendix is the preferred treatment method.

If it is not treated in time, it will cause appendix perforation, causing diffuse peritonitis, spreading inflammation, worsening of the condition and endangering maternal and child safety.

Through active treatment, the prognosis is generally good.

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