Peacock Fish Series: Propagation of Peacock Fish (Part 1)

Pregnant female fish and rear -end public fish

The most invincible feeding peacock fish is the breeding of the peacock fish. I believe that many fishermen like the peacock fish because it is beautiful, but also the fun brought by the breeding.The fish became a beautiful peacock under her own feeding, and this kind of fisherman who has achieved a sense of accomplishment knows.Today we will talk about the breeding of peacock fish.

Lancao big C cub

First of all, the breeding cycle of peacock fish is very short. Everyone knows that it can be reproduced once every more than a month. According to the different physical fitness system, individual constitution, and breeding times, 20-100 small fish can be produced in one child.And the peacock fish breeding can reproduce as long as the temperature is appropriate all year round.

So how to ensure that the peacock fish has a better breeding cub?

1. Water quality and water temperature

Hongyun is the head-male and female

The temperature that the peacock fish can adapt is 16-32 degrees Celsius, and the most suitable temperature is 24-26 degrees Celsius. Of course, no matter how much degrees, you need to ensure the "constant temperature" instead of the temperature back and forth.Fish has a high survival rate;

The gender of malachfish is generally affected by temperature. From pregnancy to production, if the temperature of the fish tank has always been below 25 degrees, the high probability that all small fish are all mothers. If the temperature has been above 25 degrees, the probability of public fish is relatively high.It depends on the choice of fishmates, but the constant temperature of my fish tank is kept at 26 degrees Celsius.

The peacock fish pregnancy cubs are actually not high in water quality, and ensure that the water quality of the fish tank is stable. If you do not introduce new fish during this period, replacement of different filter materials generally has little effect.If you have to say something, that is, the filter material will affect the pH of the water quality of the fish tank, and the new fish may bring a new flora to affect the original cylinder water quality.

2. Select seeds

Hongyun is the head

If you want to keep the peacock fish, it is best to choose the same product to reproduce. Under normal circumstances, there is a chance of improved varieties within the three generations of peacock fish.The caudal fins become shorter and color degeneration, so if you are reinvigated, it is not recommended to be closely matched.

Generally, articles on the Internet will say so, this can only show that that person has not breeds peacock fish well.

At this time, the importance of selection is reflected. At present, Lao Zuo communicates with the breeding gods. If it is a pure -colored peacock fish, even if it is close to close relatives, there will be ways to ensure that it will not be refunded after three generations.

Because the production of malachfish will actually have certain mutations. In fact, as long as we choose individuals with large individuals and very good performances during selection, we will not degenerate in the generation.In the process, strict selection and improvement can be carried out, and you can always be infinitely lacking of children and grandchildren ~ (Only the solid color system, the water of the pattern system is too deep, if there is a great god to read the article here, please leave a message guidance)

Choice of pro -fish.We choose to be the tail fin angle as the tail fin, the brighter the color, the thicker, the better. The body must be strong and properly shapely. The tail handle is hypertrophy.How to choose the characteristics of the high -quality peacock fish in Peacock Fish).

It should also be noted that the male fish with reproduction ability, such as the ribbon body fish in the figure below, has no reproduction ability, because the "Tintin" used in reproduction has become a ribbon.

Lancaoxiong-ribbon body and ordinary body

If you choose the female fish, the shape, angle, color, spray point, etc. of the caudal fin can express the characteristics of its variety.Generally, 4 male and 2 are mothers, and the chance of breeding in this way is greater.Regardless of whether to choose male or female fish, we need to choose a strong body with a stronger body and larger body than the same batch.

The other is to choose according to the performance you want. For example, if you want "Ou Yi", you need to choose the corresponding public fish as a pro -fish to improve and reproduce.

The reproduction of Peacock Fish is relatively long. Next, I will talk about the "delivery and reproduction", "postpartum care" and "small fish screening" of the peacock fish in the next article. If you have any breeding questions, please leave a message!

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