People who have these abnormalities appear in the body are mostly cold people, and it is too late to pay no attention to it

In clinical practice, many people have problems with their bodies because they have cold in their bodies.Generally, people with cold body are prone to symptoms such as cold hands and feet, chills, etc., especially in the cold winter, no matter how much clothes are worn, they feel cold.Such people need to eliminate the cold in the body in time to avoid various diseases. In addition, people with cold body cold are caused by cold stomach cold.

What are the manifestations of coldness in the body?

1. Patients with stomach diseases are likely to be caused by cold stomach.In addition to active treatment, it is necessary to prevent the cold in the body from entering the stomach and avoid aggravating the disease.In the autumn and winter seasons, try not to drink cold drinks.If you drink too much cold drink, it will cause the cold in the body to worsen, and it is prone to symptoms of cold stomach pain.When you need to replenish water, you can choose warm water as much as possible. You can also drink ginger tea to warm your stomach, and eat more food conditioning food conditioning, such as dog meat, lamb, yam, etc.

2. The cold in the body is prone to spleen deficiency, because the cold in the body will affect many organs.People who are cold in the spleen are most afraid of cold foods. They often appear as symptoms such as poor appetite, abdominal distension, diarrhea, tastelessness, and weakness.In daily life, pay more attention to ingestion of spleen food, and eat spleen and stomach foods such as tadels, sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, carrots and other foods, which can resolve the symptoms of spleen cold.In addition, you can massage Sanyinjiao acupoint under the guidance of a professionals to dehumidify the spleen.

2. Women are prone to symptoms of palace cold, which can easily cause menstrual disorders, lower abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea and other conditions.In normal life, you need to pay attention to the warmth of the individual. In the cold autumn and winter seasons, you need to increase clothing. Do not pursue your personal beauty and frozen. Excessive cold in your body will cause pregnancy difficulties and abnormal ovulation.Gong Han’s women recommend eating more foods such as red dates, peanuts, gelatin, brown sugar, walnuts and other foods to help warm the palace to nourish blood. You should also pay attention to drinking less cold drinks or eating cold food.

4. The elderly are prone to symptoms of joint cold, which is commonly known as old cold legs.In rainy weather, the waist and legs have poor blood circulation due to poor blood circulation, causing sour pain, which has a great impact on the life and work of patients.Therefore, in the season or cold winter, you must pay attention to the warmth of the knee joint, drink more warm tea, and eat foods that eliminate cold air, which can relieve joint pain.

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