Personal and private room: Can I have sex during pregnancy?certainly!but……


I am He Chunlei.

Today, a prospective dad asked me on WeChat in private that she could have sex with her partner during pregnancy.We talked frankly for a while. He asked me that he felt that sexual life during pregnancy was normal and beautiful, and asked me if his thoughts were correct.

I agree with his thoughts. Sex is the closest communication between lovers, and it is not a taboo for sex during pregnancy.But there must be sincere communication between husband and wife.During my pregnancy, I made an interview with my mentor and the founder of the childhood delivery, and talked about this topic.

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Spring Lei:

Hello everyone, today we want to talk to Teacher Maha some very personal topics.

Hello Maha, today we look sexy, because today we are going to talk about some topics related to sex.

Teacher Maha:

Hello Chunlei, we are really sexy today, this suit is prepared for today.

Spring Lei:

do you know?When we are doing childbirth education, many mothers will ask me: Can I get close to my partner during pregnancy? Is intimate behavior safe for me?

What do you think about this?

Teacher Maha:

This is a big topic and a very personal topic. This matter should be determined by the pregnant mother and her partner.

I prefer to use "sex" to call this matter, because after I feel that after pregnancy, we will be in a stage of lust.

For me, this is about sex itself. I think we often forget. This is not only intersecting, but also paying attention to caressing, hugging, kissing, and expressing love.

Spring Lei:

Everything is about love.

Teacher Maha:

Yes, it is more about love, but there is also the original side.

Some women have almost or have no desire during pregnancy, and some women have very strong desire, that is, the most primitive sexual desire, wild and unrestrained.

Therefore, in this regard, everyone is very different.

In the first three months of my pregnancy, I felt very bad, and I didn’t want anyone to touch me at all.That feeling is like a searched boat, no more uncomfortable than this.

However, in the second and second trimester of pregnancy, I felt very strong sexual desire because we knew the power of life, the energy of childbirth, and the performance of the performance.

The same important thing is to communicate with your partner and tell him what you want and what your needs are.

If you need to be more loving, tell your partner.

If you need to be more primitive and wild, please also tell your partner.

Therefore, it is very important to return to the level of communication with the partner.

Moreover, this is not dangerous for the baby. Instead, you have to feel safe emotionally, feel happy about intimate behavior, and enjoy it.

Spring Lei:

do you know?Sometimes pregnant mothers worry that if they are affectionate with their partners, they may slip out.Is that so?

Teacher Maha:

Yes, I know that this idea is normal.In fact, such things will not happen, and the natural law will not let the baby come out.

We know that the prostaglandin contained in the semen will make the cervix soft and mature, so when you are about to give birth, I suggest that you naturally live with your partner.

I often told pregnant mothers that don’t speed up the mobility of the baby through sex, because this will interfere with the feelings of pregnancy and live in a natural way.

If you think, do it, if you don’t want to, then respect the feeling of your body.

Keep connect with your partner, tell your needs to your partner, and express your body being experienced.Sex and desire itself is a feeling, and this feeling tells you what you need.

So, as a woman, if you cherish yourself, you will put yourself with your baby in the center.

You should also cherish your needs. Sex is part of it, just like what kind of food I want to eat today, what kind of clothes to wear, and what kind of hairstyle.

Similarly, I want to be affectionate with my partner today, do you want to have sex, all these are part of women’s life, part of our own, not independent.

Spring Lei:

Another thing that pregnant mothers are worried about is that if I do n’t have affection with my partner during pregnancy, will the partner be derailed and will it be affectionate with other women.

Teacher Maha:

This is still back to the issue of communication. If you can talk openly between you, these things can be solved.

We need to explore sex with our partners, not to be afraid to communicate.Your partner also needs to let you know his feelings, what he has experienced, why he wants to find other women.

How to get the heart and heart connection with the partner is the "relationship" of two people, and how the two are connected together.

Can two people be frank and relative, is we hiding our feelings, and if we hide our feelings, what is the reason?What kind of fear does it produce?

Spring Lei:

We should also give each other some time, special time.

After the child is born, everyone is rushing to take care of the child as a novice parent. At this time, you will feel tired.

Therefore, even after the child is born, two people should pay attention to communication.

Teacher Maha:

Yes, to communicate openly, some women will feel strong after childbirth, but some women are unwilling to touch themselves. This state may last a year or even longer.

Some women even found sex through the happiness of childbirth, because delivery opened women.

Therefore, this is a very personal thing. Each woman, each partner and each baby are different.

And when I live a real life and face the reality of life, I can tell the feelings I have experienced. What I want is the most important thing.

Spring Lei:

Can you give some suggestions for pregnant mothers. When they and their partners are closely affectionate, what do you need to pay attention to?

Teacher Maha:

It is worth noting that the posture of intimateness, such as lying on the side of both people, is a gentle posture, and the limbs on the ground are another better posture.

Especially when you have a big belly, you must not want your partner to press you, so the point is how to make you feel comfortable, connect, and make you and your baby feel safe.

But to be sure, intimacy is definitely not a dangerous thing. I think pregnant mothers should follow their intuition.

Let your intuition tell you what can make you happy, which eventually depends on you.

Spring Lei:

Yes, listen to your body.

If you are worried about your safety during pregnancy, you can also consult a doctor.

Teacher Maha:

Yes, you can.

But remember, first of all, you are your own doctor. This is important.You know your body, you know your baby,

I think the focus is that women must realize that they are precious. Their needs are precious. They are in the center of this experience with their babies.

Not always waiting for the permission from the outside world, waiting for others to tell us what we need to do.

I am an expert in my body and baby, and I must be confident in this.

Listen to your body, listen to your heart, and listen to your desire.

There is nothing wrong with desire itself, nor is it a bad thing, and don’t forget that delivery is also a kind of sexual experience. We have talked a lot in the practice of awareness of childbirth.

Childbirth is an expression and experience for mothers. We always try to separate them, but they are integrated.

As we said, performance energy, childbirth energy, and life energy are flowing in our body.

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