Polycystic ovaries are difficult to treat.

Early polycystic:

I just checked that the polycystic came and was checked when the landlord was about to get married. Because I was fat for 20 pounds, I couldn’t get menstruation. I thought I was pregnant. Therefore, I went to a vaginal B -ultrasound.It was not good to get pregnant, and then the landlord collapsed and cried all the way.I have been struggling to tell my husband, but I did not tell him in the end.

Treatment of treatment:

Later, the landlord was not pregnant after getting married. The mother’s mother was very anxious, and then an old Chinese medicine medicine on our side.Because this old Chinese medicine is the medicine given when the host mother was infertile twenty years ago, and then the landlord’s mother always believed that she could be pregnant, and then started a journey of Chinese medicine. After taking about two months, they wereThere was no effect, and the host would not go.Later, my mother touched a female Chinese medicine doctor near the county, and then tried again, drinking Chinese medicine acupuncture every week.Menstruation was normal during that time.So I still believe it, so I have eaten for three months, but I still have no pregnancy, so my mother said that there is a Chinese medicine medicine in Hejian very good, and then I did n’t have any.Looking at the fortune teller, Mr. Fortune said that he was too early to marry her husband, and had a good relationship with a good relationship. At least three years had to be able to have a baby. Later, it was disappointed. After treatment for a while, I did not have been taking medicine., But all failed.Then I went out to go to work, thinking that it would be natural, or I had to wait until the third year, and I had been at work. I knew that the landlord resigned and returned home last December.

Western medicine treatment:

I wanted to go to the city in December last year. My friend said that there was a good replacement in the reproductive department of Cangzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, so the landlord took her husband to the city and started a series of love.There are some high testosterone, and there is no problem with the others. The fallopian tube angiography is very good. Therefore, the doctor recommends to lose weight to be naturally pregnant. However, the host can’t be reduced, so he told the doctor to promote the row.Da Ying, who had eaten for about 4 months, and promoted the arrangement. For the first time, the host was just hospitalized. He had been in the hospital. He might not be in a good mood, so there was only one mature egg.Various symptoms, looking for bed pain, chest pain, and fart, I thought it was a winning prize for a time, but there was no. Later, the landlord felt that there were too many medicines, I didn’t want to eat it, and I didn’t want to work hard anymore.Just stop the medicine.

At the moment of winning: On April 15, 2016, I dreamed that her husband married a little wife in the morning, and then Zhou Gong interpreted it. It was said that the pregnant person dreamed that Yisheng boy was born.I didn’t care.It’s like putting it on the bedside, but when I was in a flash, I saw the captain, so I rubbed my eyes and saw it many times.I cried, went to find my mother -in -law, my mother -in -law said, and then saw the test strip I took and said that I was pregnant. I said it should be, and then my mother -in -law cried excitedly.In fact, the landlord really wants to thank the mother -in -law and husband and her husband have been so tolerated me. For me who has not been pregnant for two years, my mother -in -law has never given me pressure. I have always said that there will be, it will be a matter sooner or later, and do not have pressure.My husband has always said that there will be. If we do not have one to adopt one, thank my father -in -law and thank my husband for always love me so much.

Summary of pregnancy:

Because the landlord has recently been doing the front desk in the children’s studio, many babies are very happy every day, and there is no way to think about pregnancy. Therefore, Because inaccurate.

Symptoms of pregnancy:

The original poster feels very sleepy these days, and I can’t open my eyes at 8 o’clock in the evening. I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning, and I have a pain in my aunt before my aunt.Good pregnancy!

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