Popular science | How to choose a fever and vaccine for pregnant women?Red house experts say this

In the face of the new situation of the new crown prevention and control strategy, how should pregnant women and novice mothers pay attention to protection?Can it be vaccinated?What should I use in case of infection?These issues have attracted great attention in the near future, and this also close the health of the generation.

Ms. Lin, who lives in a city in the Yangtze River Delta, told First Financial reporters that there are more and more pregnant women in her pregnant women."Doctors recommend positive pregnant women to use a single component to acetaminol, but many positive pregnant women can’t buy unilateral medicines. They can only go to the hospital to queue up." Ms. Lin told the first financial reporter.

Ms. Lin reported that she has recently appeared in many hospitals. Some doctors also said that the allocation of drug resources is further optimizing to ensure the medication of pregnant women after infection.

Director Xiao Xirong, the obstetric department of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University (Shanghai Red House Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital), told the first financial reporter: "We recommend the first choice of acetaminophenol as an antipyretic medicine during pregnancy.In the case, you can also choose ibuprofen before 28 weeks of pregnancy; 28-32 weeks can decide whether to apply ibuprofen under the guidance of the physician; after 32 weeks, you can only choose a single component to acetylphenol. "

Xiao Xirong said that if the body temperature is below 38.5 ° C, pregnant women can first try the method of physical cooling, such as wiping large joints such as the noses, armpits, and nests of the nest, or choose to wrap the towels outside the ice.Then consider using drugs, but he emphasized not to use compound preparations.

He emphasized that although during the new crown epidemic, many people would first consider whether to infected the new crown as soon as they had fever, but did not mean that there was no possibility of other diseases."If the new crown antigen is still negative, and the top ten symptoms of the new crown are not typical, it will not be ruled out that it may be caused by other diseases (such as influenza, etc.), or you need to seek medical treatment in time." Xiao Xirong said.

Xiao Xirong also reminded that pregnant women should try to prevent new crowns as much as possible, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, minimize places where people gather more;People must protect them when they go out, and the rooms are well ventilated.

At present, vaccination is still the most effective means to prevent the new crown.In terms of how pregnant women choose vaccination, Xiao Xirong told the First Financial reporter: "We recommend pregnant women to vaccinate or reorganize protein vaccines, and no adenovirus vaccine is recommended."

If pregnant women are infected with new coronal viruses, they do not have to panic.Xiao Xirong said that the risk of new crowns during pregnancy is not significantly increased compared with ordinary people, but compared with pregnant women who have not infected with new crowns, premature birth and severe rates will increase."Xiao Xirong told the First Financial reporter," If the new crown is infected in the later stages of pregnancy, the incidence of hypertension may increase, and blood pressure monitoring should be strengthened. Once symptoms such as shortness of breath, palpitations, chest tightness, and purple lips occur, you need to seek medical treatment in time."

Pregnant women are often worried about whether they will affect the health of the fetus.According to a new crown infection during pregnancy during the obsession of Academician Huang Hefeng at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, a large number of clinical evidence shows that no pregnant woman infection will have a serious negative effect on the fetus.The probability of the fetus is very low, and most of the symptoms of most positive newborn are mild and recovered quickly.

Another concern is whether pregnant women who are infected during lactation can breastfeed?In this regard, Xiao Xirong told the First Financial reporter: "Even if the new crown is infected, as long as you make a good hand disinfection and bring the N95 mask, you can breastfeed; if the mother’s body temperature is normal for more than 3 days, there are no new crowns.You can breastfeed normally. "

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