Popularization of pregnancy knowledge: Week 7 of pregnancy

Growth of baby

The 7th week of pregnancy has entered. At this time, the embryo is 1.3 cm long, and it is about one mulberry, and it already has a big head that is not proportional to the body.The facial organs of the embryo are very obvious, the eyes are a clear black spots, the nostrils are large, and the ears are somewhat depressed.

The young buds extended on the embryo will grow into arms and legs, and the hands and feet look like a short paddle.The growth of other parts includes pituitary and muscle fibers.

Now you ca n’t hear the fetal heart sound, but the heart of the embryo has been divided into left atrium and right ventricle, and began to beat regularly. It jumps about 150 times per minute, twice as fast as your heartbeat.

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Two months of pregnancy fetus (week 7)

The change of pregnant mothers

Many pregnant mothers become appetite, guilty, and some pregnant mothers always feel hungry, and often swallow various foods.This is normal to personal hormones, and it is normal, and there is no need to suppress your appetite in the early stages of pregnancy.Of course, food is best mainly based on light and easy to digest.There is only one case to pay attention to: Although eating too much, people are getting thinner and thinner, then you need to see a doctor.

Nutritional guidance

The most important nutritional task in the early pregnancy: folic acid!Many foods contain natural folic acid, but it is not enough to reduce the danger of the baby’s spine or other nerve tube defects alone by food.Therefore, in the first three months of pregnancy, 0.4 mg of folic acid is supplemented every day.

Eat more foods containing folic acid during pregnancy, such as oatmeal, orange, spinach and whole wheat bread.


If you have not chose a hospital for a birth checkup, it will start next week.Most doctors will not check you immediately, unless you have serious physical condition, such as vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, severe nausea or vomiting.Doctors may arrange for you to check in the 8th to 12th weeks during pregnancy.When your first prenatal examination, the doctor will ask your family health history in detail, do some conventional blood tests for you, and answer any questions you may ask.

—— Please make the following preparations: write down the first day of your last menstruation (in order to speculate your due date); list a list and write down your various questions on it (you can consult a doctor at that time); Ask the relatives of the husband and wife to ask about the family history (help doctors better understand); choose a medical hospital that is suitable for you (refer to Yaya.com medical guidelines or mothers to help the hospital).

Daily life

Now is the unstable period of the fetus. It is best not to travel out, and do not have sex, avoid using water with too high temperature or too low temperature, which can easily cause miscarriage.

Maybe you often feel melancholy now, this is the reaction of progesterone in the body (maybe there is also concerns about the future).However, remind yourself to be happy at all times.Because this week is also a critical period for the development of embryo Hubei. If your emotional fluctuations will affect the embryo, it will also cause E -cracks or lip cracks.So adjust your emotions well, do not lose big!

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