Precautions during pregnancy: After pregnancy, do you want to sleep with the old cen?See what people say

In a Baomu group, a expectant mother said that she was very distressed recently. She was pregnant for more than two months, and her mother -in -law came to take care of her diet.The old man came over to help, and he was naturally grateful, but his mother -in -law asked her husband to sleep in a house until the child was born.I discussed with my mother -in -law several times, and the elderly ignored it at all.After asking people in the group, do you sleep with the old cen?Let’s take a look at what these people come here.

@: Why do you want to sleep in a room?Although pregnancy is a matter of expectant mothers, the whole process also needs to be involved in the prospective dad. After the seeds cannot be planted, you can take root and germinate. You must also take care of it.Accompanying his wife at night to take care of his wife and fetus, especially the prospective mother’s belly behind, and a lot of operations. At this time, the prospective father should pay more, pour tea for his wife, help his wife turn over, etc.Open Dad.Your mother -in -law is also strange to his son, so that his son will enjoy the blessing and think of beauty in another room.

@不: I do n’t have to sleep in a room. My husband is working hard to make money all day long. Only at night can you talk to his wife and baby. How can I go to another room to sleep.This is the best time to cultivate feelings. Do not lose it, but also let her husband feel the development of the fetus, feel the fetal movement, do prenatal education for the fetus, and earlier into the role of my father.

@Mommy: I support sleeping in separate rooms. I think your mother -in -law’s thoughts may be the same as me. I am afraid that what harm to the baby during pregnancy will be in the same room, so I simply do nothing and separate you.Because I was driving my husband to another house at the time, everything was for the safety of the baby during this period.

@: I also supported sleep in separate rooms, because when I was pregnant, my husband went out early and returned every day, and I managed to fall asleep. He came in and woke me up again.Moreover, my husband sleeps and snore at night. He didn’t feel anything before, but the quality of sleep was very poor after pregnancy. He couldn’t sleep as soon as he snoring, so I slept in a room, and I slept comfortably myself.

After watching the sharing of the above Baoma, I will find that there are indeed sleep in a separate room, but I think it is best not to sleep in separate rooms.The process of giving birth to the child’s birth is very hard and amazing. This process must not be the participation of the prospective father.Couples to accompany the baby together will help the fetus development, and it will also help enhance the relationship between husband and wife.Of course, her husband must also accompany the expectant mother to go to bed early, and cannot interfere with the sleeping mother’s sleep. She must work hard to improve.As for the same room during pregnancy, in the middle of pregnancy, it is not related to the proper room in the same room, so there is no need to worry about it.

So, do you agree with me?Precautions during pregnancy: After pregnancy, do you want to sleep with the old cen?See what people say!When you are pregnant, do you sleep with the old cen?

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