Precautions for eating bird’s nest during pregnancy, it is enough to read this article

Many pregnant mothers will seize the good time to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, and one person eats two.This issue has compiled some of the most commonly mentioned questions about eating bird’s nest. I hope the following answers will be helpful to everyone.

1. What bird’s nest is good during pregnancy?

If possible, it is best to eat nest during pregnancy. Its nutritional value and taste performance is the best.

If the budget is less, the swallow strip is also a good choice. Its nutritional value is similar to that of birds, but the price is much affordable.

And Yan Brang is not recommended to eat it. Swallow is the corner material. Not only is the quality uneven, but it is also a severe disaster -stricken area.

2. I heard that Hongyan’s nutritional value is higher, is it true?

You can tell you directly, there is no need to eat red swallows, and pregnant women just eat ordinary white swallows.

Many businesses just seize the psychology of people’s "things are rare and expensive", claiming that Hongyan’s nutritional value is higher, and it is more suitable for pregnant women to sell them at high prices.In fact, there is no higher nutritional value in Red Swift, but it is easy to exceed the standard metal and nitrite.

How long does it take to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy?How much do you eat every time?

It is recommended to eat it every day, at least two days.

Eating less meals and more absorption is better. Eat 3-5 grams every day.The first and 3 months of pregnancy is the critical period of fetal brain development, which can increase a little bit of consumption.

4. What ingredients do you eat for bird’s nest during pregnancy?

Bird’s nest matches "with clearing and clearing, with softness and softness", which can be matched with ingredients with clearing and nourishing yin, nourishing qi and blood, such as Sydney, lotus seeds, pigeon eggs, red dates, wolfberry, etc.

Don’t eat greasy and spicy foods while eating bird’s nest, otherwise it will stimulate the stomach and intestines and affect the absorption of nutrition.It is also necessary to pay attention to controlling sugar intake. It is best to eat bird’s nest without adding sugar or as little sugar as possible.

5. What should I do if I eat bird’s nest pregnancy?

Early pregnancy (0-12 weeks) is an important period for the severe differentiation of the fetus. Many expectant mothers will have abnormal appetite, sour, tiredness, nausea, nausea, etc. The nutritional intake and absorption will be greatly affected.

If the pregnancy vomiting is mild, you can eat it with auxiliary materials such as yogurt, fruit, honey, etc., which can cover the natural egg flavor of the bird’s nest and effectively reduce the pregnancy.If the pregnancy vomiting is serious, basically you can vomit everything, and your body will not be able to eat it. It is best to go to the hospital in order to protect the fetus.

6. How long can I eat bird’s nest during pregnancy?

It is recommended to start eating from pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding.But pay attention!Because bird’s nest has the effect of promoting milk secretion, you must wait for the milk nest after the milk is smooth after delivery, otherwise the sudden increase of milk may cause mastitis.

7. Is it necessary for pregnant women to eat back source bird’s nest?

necessary.Don’t underestimate this small traceability code. It is a symbol of the safety and formal symbol of bird’s nest. Only the bird’s nest that passes through the quarantine testing of the import and export and export can be pasted with the traceability code.

Everyone knows the importance of dietary safety during pregnancy, and the bird’s nest industry is mixed, often with glue, bleaching, and hazardous substances such as heavy metals and nitrite. Such problems are harmful to the human body.Although the code is not the same as the guarantee of high quality, it must be a security guarantee.

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