Precautions for pregnancy

Bringing a small life is a magical and responsible thing.The baby has grown in her belly for 10 months to lay the foundation for his life’s health.If you want eugenics, you need to prepare carefully.Recently, a friend asked, and when I was preparing for pregnancy, I quickly sorted out while I still had a memory.

The main points are divided into the following points:

A: Eat folic acid 3 months before pregnancy.(I ate for 6 months at that time, I didn’t conceive once, and stopped next month and was pregnant.)

B: Adjust the schedule: Don’t stay up late, go to bed early and get up early.

C: Mood: Mood must be beautiful, don’t have pressure.If you are afraid that pregnancy fails, you only let the least people know about pregnancy, otherwise they sometimes care about nervousness and affect pregnancy.In order to make himself happy, a friend posted a lot of photos of cute babies on the wall. This is also a good way.

D: No smoking or drinking.

E: Exercise: It can enhance the quality of sperm eggs.Laying a good foundation for pregnancy.

F: Pre -pregnancy examination: Men and women have to do it, because girls’ reports can only come out in 2 weeks. After there is a small situation, it is necessary to regulate the body.So the sooner the better, the better.

G: Wisdom tooth: Hormone changes during pregnancy, wisdom teeth may cause inflammation and pain.After reading some posts of wisdom tooth pain during pregnancy, the most serious ones need to aborted wisdom tooth.The first four months of pregnancy cannot be treated, and the treatment of in the middle of pregnancy cannot be extracted. It can only be treated slightly and simple.If you are afraid of wisdom teeth during pregnancy, you can pull it out.

I can write an article again, and then write it later.

At that time, I had 4 wisdom teeth, which were pulled out of 3 in two months. The last one did not leak in the gums. The doctor judged that the problem of problems during pregnancy was not very high and did not pull out.During the period, one of them was very painful. One of them had not been unplugged because he was afraid of pain for 5 years. I didn’t expect to be a mother immediately.

Due to the use of anesthesia, it is necessary to rule out the new egg after a menstrual period and then get pregnant.

There is a disadvantage of wisdom teeth: Now 2 years have passed, and the face of wisdom teeth has appeared in the face of wisdom teeth.

If the wisdom teeth are never strange, you can not pull the wisdom teeth. Because the wisdom teeth are in the innermost mouth, it is difficult to take care of it, so it is easy to inflammation. If you often clean your mouth yourself and ensure that the mouth is cleaned, you can not pull out.

Pregnancy season: It is best to get pregnant in spring and autumn, because there are many fruits in these seasons, which can reduce the pregnancy reaction of 3 months before pregnancy.My colleagues and I were pregnant in autumn. They had no pregnancy reaction and should have a certain relationship with understanding.

Powerfulness of pregnancy: You can buy ovulation test strips to see the highest time of ovulation. Ovulation is usually the day during the aunt’s period.Specific calculation methods, many APPs are available.Generally, 1 day after ovulation 1 day after 1 day, the success is the highest.The closer to the ovulation time, the better the time difference. It takes a few hours to reach the fallopian tube. The best state is: before ovulation immediately, sperm is already waitingThere is only one, only 12 hours after discharge.

The same time in the same room the day before ovulation is the highest.(You can ask for leave appropriately).

Write these first.Wish good pregnancy.Hope to bring you warmth.

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