Precautions for pregnant women to swim in the water

The expectant mothers are more appropriate to launch the water at five months of pregnancy. Of course, they should also pay attention to the temperature and the time of swimming. The most suitable swimming pool every day at 3 or four afternoon.The time is relatively long, and the water quality is very poor. Xiaobian reminds pregnant mothers to prepare sufficient preparations before swimming to prevent accidents.Let’s learn with Xiaobian below.

1. The best time for prospective mothers is 5 months to 7 months of pregnancy. At this time, the stability period of pregnancy is entered. The organs of the fetus have grown in place and can be swimmed appropriately.Swimming in the third trimester to avoid premature or infection of amniotic fluid.

2. Choose a swimming pool or venue with good sanitary conditions. There should be full -time medical personnel and life -saving personnel on the sidelines. Once an accident occurs, timely rescue can be received.

3. Water temperature is generally required to be around 29-31 degrees.This kind of water temperature is more suitable for expectant mothers. The muscles are not easy to cramp and are not so tired, and this temperature is not too hot, and it will not increase the body temperature of expectant mothers.If the water temperature is lower than 28 degrees, the uterus will shrink, which will easily cause premature or abortion.

4. The best time for swimming is between 10 am and 2 pm. At this time, the uterus is not easy to be nervous.

5. The swimming posture is best to swim or float in the water to avoid strenuous exercise to avoid tiredness.

6. Do not excessively stretch the joints or dive to avoid drowning.

Precautions for expectant mothers after swimming

1. Rinse your body in time and urinate immediately to prevent vaginitis or skin diseases.

2. After swimming, the body temperature will decrease. Pay attention to keep warm and replenish water in time.

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