Pregnancy during pregnancy is too serious, worrying that the baby will be hungry?In fact, pregnancy vomiting is the protection of the baby

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It is not easy to give birth to a new life. The elderly often use good and good nostalgia and disturbance to describe the hard work of women.If the woman is not good at each other, the child will start to vomit as soon as the upper body.

I started to vomit when I was pregnant. What would I eat and vomit?I believe you are the same questions as me, let’s know together!

I remember that when Mu Mu was pregnant, she vomited a mess, and she started to get pregnant after two bars. After eating in the morning, she vomited all in the unit for a while.

After pregnancy, go to detect hormones, and then take the opportunity to ask the doctor: Do you want to force food if you ca n’t eat meals?Will children be malnourished?

The doctor said with a smile: Don’t worry. At this time, the placenta has not grown. The fetal development depends on the hormones in the body. Vomiting indicates that your hormone is high, which is a good phenomenon!Some pregnant mothers have low progesterone and need to supplement progesterone.Your progesterone is high to the fetus!

I feel relieved when I hear the doctor said this, so pregnant mothers who are experiencing pregnancy must also be assured. It is not terrible to eat what to eat during pregnancy.Mom eats, because when vomiting during pregnancy, the pregnant mother is in a bad mood, emotional, and changes in body hormones will affect the emotions of the pregnant mother. At this time, the family stares next to:How can I do not eat?

The family may be thinking about the pregnant mother, but the pregnant mother will feel badly emotional: I am pregnant and take care of the meat in my belly. I vomit so uncomfortable, I ca n’t eat it, and let me eat it!

So, I understand the early pregnancy. Even if the pregnant mother has been vomiting, do not force the pregnant mother. Instead, it should take care of the mood of the pregnant mother. After all, the mothers of the pregnant mother are good, and they can bred a healthy and smart baby.

Pregnancy vomiting is a good thing for pregnant mothers. Pregnancy is also a care for the baby!

There was a colleague before. After pregnancy, I did n’t know that I was pregnant. During that time, I felt tired and a little low fever, so I took a cold medicine and fever medicine. Later, I did n’t see it to the hospital for examination. I found out that I was pregnant!In the end, because of the problem of hormone secretion in the body, the fetus stopped childbirth, and finally had a miscarriage.

Most people’s perception of pregnancy is "pregnancy vomiting". If you ca n’t eat meals, vomiting is the symptoms of pregnancy. Therefore, if there is no pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother does not know that she is pregnant and does not care about her body.For example, if you eat cold, run jumps, etc., the fetus may be threatened.

Therefore, if the symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are also a protective of the fetus when you are pregnant. At least the pregnant mother feels the change of physical changes. If you are pregnant, you will pay attention to the usual life and words and deeds.Make a high difficulty coefficient.

In fact, on the other hand, pregnancy vomiting also reflects the baby’s baby is more warm, intimate, and smarter. As soon as you come to your mother, you will send a signal to your mother: Mom, I am here, you can cherish your body!

Is this explanation very warm?With such a smart and cute baby, even if he vomits during pregnancy, he feels worthwhile.

Although pregnant vomiting has a good meaning, pregnancy vomiting can really make the pregnant mother feel tired and uncomfortable, especially those who are severe in pregnancy will dehydrate and malnutrition.

How to relieve pregnancy during pregnancy?

1. Eat something you like

After pregnancy, the taste will become strange, and what you love may not like to eat, because the baby is combined with the common gene of the father and mother.For example, cotton mother especially loves mushrooms, but she vomits after eating shiitake mushrooms during pregnancy, and KFC, and she vomits after eating KFC.

So, you can pick you like to eat during pregnancy. Although you can vomit, you try to eat what you like.

2. Take composite vitamins

The biggest change after pregnancy is the changes in hormone secretion in the body, and progesterone and estrogen will soar, so pregnant mothers will feel uncomfortable.

If pregnant mothers are uncomfortable, they can eat some composite vitamins under the guidance of a doctor. Composite vitamins can alleviate pregnancy, and can also supplement the nutrition and trace elements required for pregnancy during pregnancy.

3. Relax emotions

For three years of pregnancy, in fact, it is not to say that women become pregnant and become fat, ugly, and silly. The biggest factor of stupid pregnancy is the impact of hormones.

Just like women are emotional and irritable in the early stage of physiological periods, because hormones in the body have begun to change a few days before menstrual period, hormones will affect their mood.

After pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, the placenta has not grown, and it depends on the development of pregnant mothers. I remember at that time to detect hormones at the time, and the hormone almost doubled.It is not increased to use extra use of progesterone to supplement hormones.

Therefore, under the stimulation of hormones, the emotions of pregnant mothers will change. In addition to becoming irritable, irritable, they will also become "stupid" and memory loss.

Moma said:

It is not easy to be a mother. From pregnancy, we have been suffering from the hard work of breeding. After the mother starts a new journey, I hope that we can become better and better on the way to becoming a mother!

I am a kapok mother, a mother who loves reading and learning, focuses on the growth of children’s growth, and wants to learn more about parenting knowledge and educational knowledge. Don’t forget to pay attention to the cotton mother. Cotton mother will continue to output better content.

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