Pregnancy is a sweet burden, and several common discomforts during pregnancy, how to relieve it?

Wen | Tao Ma

Bringing life is a wonderful and happy thing. However, in addition to surprise the pregnant mother throughout pregnancy, it is also accompanied by various discomforts, such as pregnancy vomiting, backache, edema, etc.Wei Ping’s waves rose again, which is a process of "pain and happiness". In this issue, Tao Mom talks to everyone about the common discomfort and response methods.

1. Early pregnancy vomiting

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy usually appear in the 6th week of pregnancy. The 8-10 week performed the most severe, and the 12th week of pregnancy began to disappear automatically.In addition to pregnancy, this period is often accompanied by symptoms such as disgust and greasy, fatigue and drowsiness.

Coping method: Breathing fresh air and maintaining appropriate amount of exercise; keep the diet light, quit smoke, alcohol, large salt oil, high calories, and spicy food, and keep eating less meals.

2. chest pain

Under the common effect of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, starting from the 8th week, the breasts of pregnant women will gradually grow up. After 12 weeks, a little water -like milk will be secreted.There will be a feeling of tingling, swelling, and itching.

Coping method: It is best for daily pregnant women to choose underwear with cotton with force and keep the chest clean.After a bath, you can massage in the chest circle, which can also have the effect of dredging the blood.

3. Constipation during pregnancy

With the rise of progesterone during pregnancy, the intestinal motility and tension of pregnant women will also weaken.Coupled with the decrease in the amount of activity of pregnant women, the uterus gradually increases, and the intestinal tube is compressed. These factors are likely to lead to constipation.

Coping method: You can drink a glass of warm water in the early morning; you can eat more foods rich in cellulose daily, such as celery, bananas, leek, etc.In addition, exercise moderately, avoid sedentary, walking and swimming are good choices. Try to wear loose cotton underwear.

4. Back pain during pregnancy

Many pregnant women will feel back pain in the third trimester. This symptom is mainly due to the increasing weight of the fetus and the focus of the pregnant woman’s focus. In order to make the body re -balance, they are more willing to lean their bodies back.The pose increases the burden of the waist and spine of the pregnant woman, and then it will feel back pain.

Coping method: Avoid standing for a long time in the third trimester, often changing positions, and at the same time, you must choose to rest on the side when you sleep; you can also prepare a seat with a back pad at home, or wear a belt in the lower abdomen.In addition, Taoma suggested that pregnant women choose soft and comfortable shoes when going out.

5. Edema during pregnancy

With the further expansion of the uterus in the third trimester, it will compress the lower cavity vein, which will hinder the flow of blood from the vein, which will eventually cause the body to stay in the body’s sodium and water. When the water accumulates to a certain degree, edema will occur.Edema during pregnancy is normal, as long as it does not occur with hypertension and proteinuria.

Relief method: Take the ring and bracelet in the early pregnancy; the diet should be light and low -salt, and eat more eggs rich in eggs, milk, fish and shrimp, etc.Turn more feet to promote blood circulation.

Tao Ma said: Pregnancy is a sweet burden. Some pain during pregnancy are normal. In most cases, the common discomfort symptoms of the above pregnancy cannot be completely solved, but the pain can be reduced as much as possible through the above methods.The prospective dad should never think that it is hypocritical because of the priority mother’s complaint. During pregnancy, she should be considerate of the difficulties of pregnant mothers and spend her whole pregnancy with her.

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