Pregnancy is a woman alone?You are wrong


Recently, "What changes will happen after pregnancy" appeared on the hot search and gave a wave of science in curiosity.

After seeing pregnancy, some people may have problems such as melasma, itching of the skin, and stretch marks. Many beautiful women are afraid of giving birth to baby.

Not long before, there was another 39 -year -old female star who was scolded on the hot search.

In order to cater to the general aesthetics of the public, and also worried that the baby would cause ugliness, many women who wanted to have a second child began to struggle whether to give birth to a second child and resist the third child.

Will Shengwa really become ugly?

If the mentality is good, the method is proper, and the baby will not only become ugly, but also a new height. Will everyone have a greater courage to have a second child, in response to national policies, and fight for a third child?

In order to take care of the Bao Ma group, the first phase of the "Bao Ma afternoon Tea" in the future invited Zhang Mingshu, director of the market marketing director of the Silki brand, the family relationship consultant, the founder of the spiral study hall, Jier Liu Jinling and Ms. Liu Jinling, and Wang Xin to discuss togetherAfter upgrading to a mother, women’s identity and balance work and family secrets teach you to live a beautiful life with light.

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The first phase of the first phase of the "Bao Ma afternoon Tea".(Photography: Wang Zhizhi)

October conceived, once childbirth, ushered in a new life, is a great event for a family.However, pregnancy has never been a woman’s business alone, and childbirth and support are the top priorities of the family.

Upgrade Bao Ma’s first lesson skin care becomes beautiful and irreplaceable

Bao Ma Liu Jinling’s child was just in the first grade of elementary school. When she talked about her mother, she felt deeply."Life will change dramatically with the changes in this identity. Only those who are mothers are deeply appreciated.Very big."

Bao Ma Wang Xin said frankly that an important problem faced after being a mother is that lack of sleep, and lack of sleep hurts the skin too much, so he pays special attention to skin care and the requirements for skin care products have become higher.

For mothers, it is necessary to fight against aging, but also ensure safety and cannot affect the child.During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the first requirement for skin care products is safe without side effects.

When the merchants are developing skin care products, have they considered the needs of the Bao Ma people?

Zhang Mingshu, the marketing director of the Silk brand, said that the Silki series products they launched were in the early stage of building, and they considers the needs and concerns of Baoma.The three core concepts of the Silk brand are also incorporated into the English letters of Silki -Silkier. The most important ingredients are from plants, taking into account beauty anti -aging and safety.Among them, Silk’s first concept is "Seek It’s Limit", that is, break the boundaries and distance from the United States.Because whether it is 20, 30, 40, or older women, there is a need for beauty.Each woman has a unique beauty in the hearts of each woman. This is a natural beauty of unlimited, zero distance, and light luxury; the second big concept is "Keep It’s Essence", that is, perfectly integrates natural essence; the third concept is that the third concept is"Real" is the beauty of real nature.

From the princess to the mother, the identity identity is the first

Before having children, all women are princess loved by their parents, and making themselves the first requirement.

After having children, all women are facing the identity of the princess to change their mothers. The responsibilities on their bodies are completely different, and more attention is transferred to the child.

Wang Xin said that after many women became mothers, they occasionally did not go home after get off work or go to dinner, and they would be guilty.When the child grows up, the mother who returns to the workplace realizes that she has gone through some detours in the process of parenting, and even ignores her growth completely.

In fact, in her opinion, from the little princess loved by her parents to a mother, women’s identity of identity changes is very important to herself and children.

Especially after the children went to elementary school, parents began to stare at their children’s learning and family homework. After "double reduction", low -grade children in elementary school have no family homework at all. Parents began to worry about their children’s learning effects.Transfer to children’s learning, it is even more anxious.

Wang Xin hopes that the mother of the world can first consider himself. Only by loving himself and relaxing himself can he better love the child and take care of the family.

According to Liu Jinling, her niece would not speak when she was one year old. The family was anxious and worried that because the family had too many dialects, the child could not accept it, so she could not speak.A few months later, the little niece began to speak, and it was okay to communicate with adults.This made her realize that every life has her own rhythm. As a mother or parent, there is no need to force the child to follow the rhythm of adults.

Balanced work and family who lives out of light with light

For women, pregnancy, children, and parenting are not just mothers alone.The parenting process will also be sad. The key is to do a good job of self -adjustment, balance work and family, and strive to make themselves live as a mother with their own light, full energy and high -level beauty. This is very important.

Ji Er, a family relationship consultant and the founder of the spiral study hall, shared several easy ways to do it: First, do good time management.Because after doing a mother, there will be many, many trivial things, tightly open, and it is easy to forget things. It is best to use a small book to write down what you want to do one day.

The second is that you must leave a period of time every day to relax yourself, especially when the baby is young, novice mothers need to let them go.

Third, in the process of parenting, novice parents need to communicate more.

Not only is my mother a novice, but also for the first time to be a father, everyone has no experience.In order to take care of children, women often do not go out for a period of time after giving birth, or do full -time mothers. Without wage income, they can easily cause contradictions between husband and wife.At this time, mothers need the understanding and support of men. If not working, it does not mean that their work is worthless. Their payments of children and families need to be seen and recognized to meet the needs of the bottom layer.

Otherwise, over time, a lot of emotions have accumulated, and a small behavior of children or lover becomes a fuse, causing family problems.

Jier said that when family relationships are contradictory, it is not necessarily a problem with teammates or children. It may be that mothers do not particularly care about themselves and ignore their needs.Therefore, even if you become a mother, you need to return to you and look at your needs, such as fitness skin care, make yourself more beautiful from the inside out, take a little time to go shopping, watch movies, etc., try to satisfy yourselfInner needs, avoid unbalanced psychology, and live a confident life.

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