Pregnancy is particular, it is best not to touch my stomach during pregnancy, the prospective dad has to change the way to interact.

In daily life, some pregnant women like to touch their belly.Many people may think that when the child is still pregnant, touching the pregnant belly can enhance the feelings of the fetus, and even interact with the fetus, because some people will find that when you touch the pregnant belly, the child may be in the stomach in the stomach.A few times in it.

However, can this really increase the emotional communication between mother and child?Is it correct to do this?Can I touch my belly during pregnancy?

I asked my sister, she said that she thought so first, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. I just knew that she had lived in a small life in her body. The belly, even my brother -in -law comes back from get off work every day to touch my sister’s belly.

However, until one day, I learned that it was a few days of pregnancy, and when I was two months of pregnancy, I suddenly became red. My sister was frightened and hurried to the hospital to hang the emergency department.

After a lap, the doctor said it was normal, probably because it was too tired.But at the same time, it also popularized the precautions during pregnancy, among which there are problems that pregnancy can touch my belly.Doctors remind: Try not to touch your stomach in the early and in the early pregnancy.why?

1. Early pregnancy is easy to abortion

The first three months of pregnancy is called early pregnancy. I believe everyone knows that it is the most susceptible to miscarriage in the early pregnancy.This is because the fetus is unable to sit in the uterus and the connection between the uterus and the uterine wall is not stable enough. Therefore, during this period, there are more requirements for pregnant mothers.Essence

However, many people are easy to ignore that some pregnant mothers often like to touch their stomachs with their hands. On the one hand, they can’t help but want to feel the existence of their children.

However, doing so is incorrect, it will have a stimulating effect on the uterus, and it will cause contractions, which can easily lead to abortion.Therefore, the pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy cannot be able to touch the pregnant belly. The prospective father and expectant mothers still have to restrain their behavior and try not to make the fetus dangerous.

2. The early pregnancy

In the third trimester, many people relaxed their vigilance, and often stroked their stomachs to interact with their children and cultivate feelings.In fact, this is wrong, because it has a lot of impact on the fetus.

3. Easy contraction

When Baoma entered the third trimester, she could not touch the pregnant belly.Maybe because it has no effect in the early period of touching my belly, it will think that it is not a big deal to touch the stomach.However, during this period, pregnant mothers themselves will feel both expectations and fear of production. They expect their children to be born, and they are afraid of the difficulties of production, and they are anxious.

At this time, when I was habitually touching my stomach with my hands, I comforted myself and comforted the baby. It would excite the baby and stimulate the uterus to cause contractions.

So during this period, Bao Ma and Bao Dad couldn’t bear it again, and soon he could see the baby. Let the child enjoy the last time in the mother’s belly quietly and safely in the mother’s belly.

4. It is easy to cause umbilical cord around the neck

There are many reasons for the umbilical cord around the neck. The umbilical cord is too long, the fetus is too small, the amniotic fluid is too much, and the fetal movement is frequent.

Other problems may be existed in themselves. Parents cannot control it, but the problem of frequent fetal movements is often caused by Bao Ma Bao’s father.

Some babies themselves are relatively active. I have heard a joke before. A mother -in -law asked the doctor nervously why the child scolded the child’s umbilical cord around the neck. The doctor answered with a smile, "Your child is too lively.Playing around the neck with the umbilical cord, don’t worry, you may feel that it is not fun and come back again. "

Although it is a joke, I have to say that the cause of the umbilical cord around the neck has a lot to do with the frequent fetal movement of the child.So what problems can cause children’s fetal movement more frequently?

This is really naughty. This is indeed the case, but it is also related to the emotions and physical conditions of expectant mothers. In addition, it will also cause the child to move.

Therefore, for the sake of being born in peace, parents restrained their thoughts that they wanted to touch their stomachs.

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