Pregnancy, these cosmetics cannot be used, do you know?

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"Teacher Guo, Teacher Guo, what should I do? I just ate a hawthorn for Xiao Xi just now. I heard that pregnant women would have a miscarriage when eating hawthorn. Will there be problems?"

"Haha, if you eat a hawthorn, you will have a miscarriage, then you do n’t have to have a flow of people in the future. Put a pile of hawthorn directly on the clinic. Everyone who wants the flow of people will send one! Then I will change to sell hawthorn."

Nowadays women, because they have less fertility and many are older, so once they are pregnant, they are nervous, and they are very strict with their own clothing, food, housing, and transportation.However, I heard that the pregnant woman and the pregnant woman of the second child were obviously different, and the second child was obviously calm.Some time ago, I heard friends say that their colleagues in their units are pregnant now, and each of them is wearing radiation uniforms, but each of the second child is not worn.Haha, this difference is too obvious, right?

Last time I wrote a content about controlling weight during pregnancy. How can I not let my body get fat during pregnancy?As a result, there are some little friends who look forward to writing how to choose cosmetics during pregnancy.Okay, in order to meet everyone’s requirements, let’s talk about it today.

In fact, to be honest, which cosmetics components will affect fetal development and cause fetal malformations. There is currently no standard and large -scale research.I can only speculate that it may be unfavorable to pregnant women according to the toxic and side effects of chemical composition.In addition, the harmful dose in many research methods is much larger than the dosage, which is much larger than the dosage absorbed by the skin.

Skin care products and makeup are applied to the skin in a small amount, and regular products are inspected strict quality. Even if they contain a small amount of harmful substances, they are within the acceptable range.The skin itself is a huge barrier. Such a small amount of application can really penetrate into the skin and enter the blood circulation. Finally, it affects the growth and development of the fetus. The probability is not very high.

"Seeing you say that this cannot be used all day long, that cannot be used, you are afraid of affecting your baby, but you do n’t eat too much about the ditch oil? Is n’t the harmful substances of ditch oil more?"

Some are eaten, who still cares so much?Hahaha ~

Some women who are usually used to makeup, once they do not make up, even look at themselves.But after pregnancy, I was worried that I was not good for the baby.In fact, the use of cosmetics during pregnancy is not taboos, the key depends on how to choose.

The use of skin care products during pregnancy. The big principle is that moisturizing products can be used. Try to use functional products such as whitening and anti -wrinkle. You can use sunscreen and light makeup, but try not to use heavy makeup.

Avoid hair dyeing, perm, etc., no need to use nail polish.Reduce the use of perfume and lipstick, especially the first three months.

Hormones and copper, mercury, lead, hydrogen, tetracycline, vitaminic acid, salicylic acid, dihydroxylcetone, retinol, phthalate, ethyl ethyl ethyl ethyl ethyl ethyl ester, etc. should be avoided.

After returning home, it is recommended to remove makeup in time to avoid long -term makeup.Make -up products also try to choose mild makeup remover.

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, the skin is prone to sensitivity. Use less cosmetics with strong aroma as possible, which is easy to cause allergies.Do not use expired cosmetics.

Do not use essential oils.

Having said that, many people are still confused and do not know if the products they use can be used.I suggest that you try to choose big brand products as much as possible. Although there are many cosmetics that claim to be pregnant for pregnant women on the Internet, it is actually just a gimmick. Except for income, it does not have any special features.Compared to these products, big brands can withstand the test of quality and safer.

There is also to ensure that the purchase channel is reliable. Now Haitao and purchase fakes are frequently exposed, and there are certain safety hazards.

According to my research, many Japanese products have fewer added ingredients, which are relatively secure, such as Fancl, Fulfangs, Ke Run, HABA, etc. Most of the products of pregnant women are safer. In addition, there are Clarins.s brand.

Regarding the addition of preservatives, some people think that those who have no preservatives are good.However, because the ingredients in cosmetics contain a large amount of fat, it is easy to breed bacteria and deteriorate. If there is no preservatives, it is more prone to bacterial breeding and other problems, so there is no problem with preservatives within the allowable range of the country.

Regardless of makeup or makeup, it is recommended to take sunscreen during pregnancy.Because the skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, as the hormone level changes, pigmentation is prone to occur. If no sun protection, the pigmentation will be more obvious.In the choice of sunscreen, try to choose physical sunscreen as much as possible.

I have studied a lot of sunscreen products and found that more than 50%of sunscreen products, including foundation, isolation, etc., all contain methane cinnamic ethyl ethyl.This is a chemical sunscreen. Due to the low price, good soluble, and low irritation to the skin, it is very widely used.However, some studies believe that this ingredient can produce an estrogen -like effect. It should not be used for pregnant women and children, which may affect the reproductive system of male tires.However, these studies were discovered in animal experiments and a relatively high concentration. There was no authoritative research in humans, so domestic and European Unions were not limited.

These are the two sunscreen I usually use. I checked the ingredients, which contains molexide cinnamononidyl ethyl, which belongs to pregnant women with caution.

SK2’s skin is crystal dew, which contains salicylic acid, and is also used with caution in pregnant women.

The three -pointer of FANCL, Yue Shi Feng Yin, and DHC pregnant women can use it. The CC is whitening. The ingredients are not used by pregnant women with caution.It’s white, haha ~

This Armani foundation and powder are super easy to use, but because this has a sunscreen function and also contains methamphetamine ethyl ethyl ethyl, it is best not to use it.

This Chanel’s pink isolation also contains moleenia -based cinnamic acid ethyl. The blue toner can be used. If you want a little concealer and sunscreen, this Krun BB is available.Bidthyate ethyl ethyl.

Haha, finally take a look at my perfume, but pregnant women are still better not to use it first.LAMER contains preservatives, but it can be used without pregnant women with caution.

Okay, here is over!

The most expensive property of a woman is her makeup box!

The most important thing during pregnancy is a good mood. If you do not feel uncomfortable without makeup, rest assured to remove it.It’s okay to choose the right product!


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