pregnant?Guan Xiaotong’s activity is exposed, and the body is bloated and fattened.

Once the stars have a stable relationship, there will be two cases. One has been rumored to break up, and the other is rumored that the two have been married to have children.

Coincidentally, both Guan Xiaotong and Luhan were rumored.

Recently, Guan Xiaotong has his own event. At a certain commercial performance event in Chengdu, he should have been a beautiful participation in the event. Many beautiful pictures have been made for fans to lick the screen and appreciate it.

As a result, netizens have commented, saying that Guan Xiaotong’s body shape has become extremely bloated, the original cheeks have no corners, and the lower abdomen has obvious bulges.

So netizens guessed not to be close to Luhan’s good deeds, get pregnant.

Is Guan Xiaotong really pregnant?Let’s take a look at what the scene is like.

For a long time, Guan Xiaotong’s makeup makeup has always been included in the black list by "critics" on all walks of life, which has been criticized.

However, at the event site, Guan Xiaotong was a pure white mop long skirt appeared at the event site in Chengdu. The long wavy long hair that had always been scattered was low in his head.

This shape and makeup that is very suitable for Guan Xiaotong actually makes Guan Xiaotong very dignified and gentle. It is completely a rich man, which can completely break the stereotype of "makeup disaster".

Moreover, Guan Xiaotong’s own shape is very tall. The tall man wearing a mop long dress will not only be pulled down the whole shape by his clothes, but will be more body -shaped.

Obviously such a highly praised makeup, netizens commented that Guan Xiaotong was bloated, like pregnancy.

Take a closer look, Guan Xiaotong’s face -shaking photo of this event, compared with the perfect and cute face comparison before, lost the obvious and exquisite mandibular line, becoming a bit round, and a lot of meat.

Looking at Guan Xiaotong’s whole body closer, the original exquisite neck and shoulders were a bit stout, not so thin.

The long skirt of the body was a waist design, but it did not outline the deserved waist at all.

You know, Guan Xiaotong’s figure is beyond the doubt perfectly self -cultivation, but this time it has not been prominent, and he will be criticized by people.

What’s more, Liu Lingzi, who was present at the time, was also a white satin long skirt. Height was comparable to Guan Xiaotong. The white dress made her figure very thin and tall. Compared with Guan Xiaotong, she looked "high and thin".

Sure enough, "there is no harm without comparison." If you look at Guan Xiaotong alone, it is still pleasing to the eye, but once he compares, he loses his head.

No wonder netizens commented that Guan Xiaotong was "tiger back" this time.

As for being rumored to be pregnant, it was because when interacting with the host, Guan Xiaotong’s side abdomen exposed under the camera was very obvious. It was clear that the "perfect" arc grew up in Guan Xiaotong’s belly.

You know, once a female star has changed slightly, it will be captured by the media on the Internet, causing the heavenly discussion of netizens.

I have to say that the requirements of female stars in contemporary society are too harsh.

Guan Xiaotong himself has been criticized for many times because of his skeleton.A little bit of meat will be more obvious than other female stars.

Reuters about Guan Xiaotong before can see that her figure has been thinner to "skinny". It looks very scary, but she looks like a normal female star in the camera.

Therefore, Guan Xiaotong was criticized in the photo of this activity.

Perhaps in reality, it is still very thin body shape. After all, the lens to widening people’s ability is obvious to all.

However, now that Guan Xiaotong is pregnant, she has to mention her road of love.

I think the road of love of Guan Xiaotong is a scene of love for many people. After all, the love officer of the two was paralyzed by the whole hot search, and the great event came from the girl’s dormitory.

Because, what was about to fall in love with Guan Xiaotong was the top flowing Luhan at that time.

Luhan was a member of the well -known Korean group EXO at that time. At that time, Luhan killed the Quartet by face value, captured the hearts of a large number of girls, and rely on the strong singing strength to grab the male fans in his hands.

At that time, in the entertainment circle where the underground love affair prevailed, Luhan chose to announce his love with Guan Xiaotong during the peak of his career. It can be said that it was a very man.

After all, as a traffic love beans, falling in love is the most intolerable thing, so Luhan was stepped back in a large amount and lost the position of the top flow.

The first time the two officials announced their romance, fans changed their names to "Did Luhan and Guan Xiaotong break up today?" And posted blogs every day. Until now, they have not stopped looking forward to their breakup.

However, the love between the two does not have the fragility as imagined as the outside world.

Since 2017, there have been countless times that the two have broken up, and countless times have been hit by the two people’s cards, breaking the rumors, and showing the "indestructible" love to netizens.

Moreover, Luhan had seen Guan Xiaotong’s father and was recognized by his prospective father -in -law.

Seeing that parents have gone through, many fans have changed their views and chose to bless their idols.

On the other hand, the fans who insisted on the breakup between the two would gradually recognize the strong chastity between Guan Xiaotong and Luhan in such a long seven years.It’s right.

The emotional life of the two is also very low -key. Except for the blessing of the birthday card, other activities are carried out privately.

The two will accompany each other in their spare time, and they will fly to the other side to visit the class during their leisure. It can be said that the two are exemplary couples in the entertainment industry.

Seven years of love for long -distance running made everyone feel that good things are approaching, and they are on the board when they get married.

Therefore, Guan Xiaotong’s fatter was imagined by netizens. After all, for the love couple very affectionate, the crystallization of the love was also reasonable.

It was not only Guan Xiaotong a female star was rumored to be pregnant because of her weight gain.Not long ago, Dili Reba was in love with Huang Jingyu by paparazzi.

And let’s say that Dili Reba has not entered the group for a long time, because she is pregnant, her stomach is so large that she can’t cover it before she can’t work.

However, soon fans put evidence to break the rumors. After all, the day before Dili Reba was pregnant, she was still participating in business live broadcasts. In that live broadcast, she can see that her figure is very slender, and she is not pregnant at all.The figure looks.

The paparazzi did not want to be outdone, saying that the live broadcast was recording, and it was very hard. It was determined that Dili Reba was pregnant.

However, the host of the live broadcast was soon rumored. After all, this incident also involved the reputation of the brand.

Yang Zi itself is also the physique of flesh. It is not the backbone beautiful star, so a little fat will be criticized by people.

And even Yang Zi, who has no romance scandal, has been rumored to be pregnant.

At that time, some people broke the news that a top -flow female star was really doing with the fake show of the big director who made a movie. She was pregnant. Many female stars were reported to be related to this.

Yang Zi was participating in the Spring Festival Gala Course at the time, and was taken in a raised picture in a Reuters.

But soon, Yang Zi appeared at the startup ceremony of the new drama, and the flat belly confirmed that he had nothing to do with this matter.

Of course, good netizens will not let go of these talks. Some people still say that Yang Zi will recover so fast because of the killing of the child.

The number of unmarried female celebrities is still relatively small, and those who have already married their married female stars will be sent to pregnancy.

For example, Xi Mengyao, who married He Yanjun, always said that He Yijun’s family had made Xi Mengyao pregnant with a child in order to pass on his family;

Tang Yan, who was just married with Luo Jin, would also be heard by the crystallization of love.

Xie Na is constantly "big pregnancy". As long as she wears loose clothes in "Happy Camp", she will be said to cover her belly, and if she does not appear for a long time, she will be rumored to be tires.

To be honest, if the stars have the intention to hide their pregnancy, paparazzi will not be able to find a little trace.

This has to be mentioned that our singer Zhang Bichen is. After all, when she and Hua Chenyu have a child, no one can think of Zhang Bichen’s pregnancy.

You know, Zhang Bichen’s impression is that when he has almost never faded his sight at all, he is on the screen for almost most of the time.

You can’t see any changes and physical discomfort in front of the camera.

If she hadn’t posted a post with Hua Chenyu, even if she was racking her brains, she would not think of Zhang Bichen’s pregnancy in this life.

The photos from the paparazzi, either because of the shooting angle, have caused poor vision, such as Yang Zi’s photos at that time;

Either because the body is a little fat, the clothes that are close to the clothes cause the lower abdomen to protrude.

Polible rumors about such news are not tired, and they do not know how serious it will have about female stars.

Therefore, this time Guan Xiaotong’s attending the event was passed on, and it was simply nonsense.

With a little change in figure, it is necessary to be placed on the Internet by netizens from various netizens to comment on their bodies, criticize accusations, and use the strictness and sharpness of words to be acceptable.

In fact, in reality, even those female celebrities who have been criticized for a long time are normal and even thin figures.

It’s just the reason for the lens, which widen the person as a whole.

And everyone’s body skeleton is different. Like those female star skeletons in the south, they are generally petite, and they can also be a bit "fat storage".

For female stars in the north, the body of the large skeleton itself has considerable bases to base weight. If it is slightly increased, it can be clearly captured by the camera.

Guan Xiaotong happened to occupy the disadvantage of the big skeleton of the northern girl, so he was criticized in this event that he was criticized for his back and bloated.

But aside from the filter, Guan Xiaotong’s figure in this event was actually not as fat as netizens said.

After she changed her second black dress to appear, the shortcomings appeared in the first suit all disappeared, so this time, this time it was actually a dress -shaped pot.

However, even the shape of a white dress is actually very beautiful.

Those demanded demands are not a good phenomenon that encourages the vicious internal rolls of female stars in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, it is still not so rigorous to the female stars. Go to the content of the content of other fields to improve the quality of the stage and program.

If every female star is about to be rumored to be pregnant, or suffers from various bad comments to become the laughter of netizens, then it is really a bad atmosphere.

I still hope that the internal entertainment can get rid of this bad atmosphere of the outside world and create a good atmosphere of the entertainment industry.It does not mean that the quality of internal entertainment does not mean that the quality of the internal entertainment is reduced, but let them get it in the place where they should go.

What do you think about the Reuters picture attended by Guan Xiaotong’s event?

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