Pregnant female colleague took half a month, he deliberately rode a bicycle to work, and he took the call of her husband and he was stunned.

Li Jianhua was sitting in front of the desk, and he was a little tangled.Although the new company is not large, colleagues are very friendly, and he hopes to maintain a good relationship with everyone.However, Wang Juan of the Ministry of Finance brought him some problems.Whenever she approaches, Li Jianhua feels uneasy.

He looked down at his work, secretly hoping that Wang Juan would not take the initiative to chat with him.Although he wanted to keep a low -key, Wang Juan always broke his expectations.Her self -mature and cheeky made him unable to refuse her communication.

At noon one day, everyone sat around the office to rest.The content of the conversation was easy, but when Wang Juan heard that Li Jianhua lived closely with her, there was a strange look in her eyes.

"Li Jianhua, do you live close to me?" She deliberately sold Guanzi, revealing a elusive mystery in the smile.

Li Jianhua nodded a little embarrassingly, without positive answers.He has a hunch, and there may be some bad requirements next.

Sure enough, Wang Juan proposed to ask him to send her home along the way.Li Jianhua was a little hesitant.He was unwilling to be too close to her, but was embarrassed to refuse.

When she got off work in the evening, Li Jianhua drove Wang Juan.His mood was a bit complicated, he didn’t want to offend her, but also felt why he was yielding.During the process of sending her home, Wang Juan kept chatting with a smile, but Li Jianhua was indifferent to the topic.

Back at home, he told his wife.His wife looked at his expression and laughed: "How is it, have you been actively appointment? Your charm is really great."

Li Jianhua laughed, but was helpless.He doesn’t think this is a happy thing.He knew that his wife was joking, but he was still a little embarrassed in his heart.

The next morning, he received Wang Juan’s WeChat information and asked him to pick her up again.Li Jianhua’s brows frowned slightly and didn’t know how to reply.He felt very contradictory, and he was neither willing to make concessions for her request, nor did he want to cause embarrassment.

He finally replied that it was more suitable for her husband to send her.However, Wang Juan explained that her husband was busy with pregnancy.She seemed to find a reason to break the line of defense of Li Jianhua, and said that they were all colleagues, and they would not have less meat in his car.

Li Jianhua responded again that his wife would mind, and the child would be sent to school in the morning.But Wang Juan seemed to be dedicated to his rejection and proposed to let his wife send the child. She only needed a journey.

Li Jianhua was at a loss and showed WeChat information to his wife.After watching WeChat, his wife said with a smile: "This child is really coquettish. She is a pregnant woman, you can help her."

Li Jianhua sighed helplessly, feeling that he seemed to be led by Wang Juan’s nose.He had to barely agree.

However, from that day, Wang Juan asked Li Jianhua to pick up her to get off work every day.Her requests are getting too and too much, eating snacks in his car, and complaining about eating stomach pain.

Li Jianhua tried to find excuses to get rid of her, such as working overtime, cycling, and even thinking about changing the route, but Wang Juan never let him go.She persisted, and even asked her husband to call to apologize.

Li Jianhua was so angry that he had theory with her husband directly, thinking that she should refuel him, and he had the right to choose his own transportation.

Wang Juan’s husband said that Li Jianhua did not talk about the friendship, and said that they did so for their children.Li Jianhua felt that they were too unreasonable and hung up the phone directly.

The next day to work, he found that Wang Juan even arranged him in the office, saying that he had an attempt to her and wanted to take advantage of her.

Li Jianhua was angry and exposed her lies in public.He clearly stated that Wang Juan took the initiative to ask him to pick up and give him a penny.Other colleagues also know that Wang Juan’s person is not believed in her words.

Li Jianhua then received a strange phone call.A male voice came from the phone, which seemed a little angry and dissatisfied.

"Are you Li Jianhua? Wang Juan’s colleague?" The man’s voice was impatient.

It is Wang Juan’s husband.Li Jianhua understood that this trouble was probably not over yet.

"Yes, I am Li Jianhua, hello. Is there anything?" Li Jianhua tried to keep calm and polite.

"I am Wang Juan’s husband. I heard that something happened in your company and related to my wife." The husband’s tone is not friendly, and it seems that he has heard the word of Wang Juan.

"Yes, there are indeed some misunderstandings. But the fact is not what she said." Li Jianhua answered firmly.

"You say you are a colleague, and she is pregnant, why should she make up those lies?" The husband’s voice was angry.

"I don’t know why she did this. I just insisted on the fact that I never had any attempts to her. I didn’t agree with her request. After all, we are still colleagues, and I also have family and children to take care of." Li Jianhua tried to explain to explain.Essence

"You are a colleague, and she is pregnant now, can’t you care more about her? I think you are really not interesting!" Husband’s voice became more sharp.

Li Jianhua said calmly: "I respect her as a pregnant woman, but she also respects me as a family. I can’t pay for her because of a colleague relationship, and her request is too frequent and excessive. I have tried my best to help help.She, but I also have my own bottom line and family need to take care of. "

The husband didn’t seem to expect Li Jianhua’s resolute response. He was silent for a while, but he was still unwilling to give up.

"What happened to your company must be responsible for it!" Husband tone resolutely.

"I will be responsible for my behavior, but I will insist on the facts. I hope you can understand that I just want to maintain my dignity and bottom line." Li Jianhua’s voice revealed firmness and determination.

A few days after that, the atmosphere in the company became nervous.The contradiction between Li Jianhua and Wang Juan gradually became clear, and other colleagues were involved in it.However, Li Jianhua adhered to his principles, and he firmly believed that the truth would eventually surface.

In the end, when the company owner knew the ins and outs of the incident, he was shocked and angry with Wang Juan’s behavior.He believes that this kind of deception and fabrication seriously violates the company’s values and professional ethics.So he did not hesitate to make a decision to expel Wang Juan.

Wang Juan left the company after being fired, and Li Jianhua finally relieved.He realized that as long as he adheres to his own principles and bottom lines, and doing things fairly and upright, you don’t have to be afraid of the slander and maliciousness of anyone.

We must maintain a certain distance and boundaries in getting along with people, so that we cannot let others take advantage of us.We must also have our own judgment and opinion, and we cannot be controlled by others’ words.We also have our own sense of justice and courage, so that we cannot let others bully us.We must respect others and respect ourselves.

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