Pregnant mother Rihanna is too burning!Strong 9 months of pregnant belly and directly wearing underwear, and the second child was about to give birth again.

Big Fu -Hanna was really not idle for a moment, and she was busy and busy during pregnancy.On Monday, Local time, Rihanna, who was pregnant for 9 months, showed her latest shape. This time, she directly interpreted the wonderful underwear show.In addition to the makeup leader, Rihanna also has her own underwear brand. This time Rihanna shows her latest Sheer X underwear series.However, Rihanna, who had reached the expected date, performed in person, and finally understood why she could become a billionaire.

1. Rihanna interpret the latest underwear, and the nine months of pregnancy is too burning

Rihanna’s new photos are still very distinctive this time, and the background is messy fabric.And in such a messy background, Rihanna is even more dazzling.

I really admire this woman. The time interval between the first and the second child is so short, and this time, Rihanna has not showed no fatigue. She holds her eldest son with one hand many times. At the same timeIt is not surprising to see Rihanna’s stiffness in such a large stomach business with such a large stomach.

Although Rihanna has long achieved freedom of wealth, she has continued to develop her career. Female entrepreneur Rihanna has always had high requirements for herself.

I really admire her. I did not affect her career twice at all, and it also created a super hot pregnancy style.Even with a big belly, you have to show sexy!

In Rihanna’s pregnancy styles, there are almost no maternal clothes in our traditional impression. Rihanna is dressed like before. If the buttons can’t be buckled, then don’t deduct it!

This woman really surprised me. A Barbie underwear was already hot enough. Coupled with the setting of high heels, Rihanna really only got fat.

Second, the daily life of Rihanna and the eldest son also makes people eye -catching

Rihanna’s eldest son is born in the second generation of Star and the second generation of rich!Although the eldest son is only over 1 year old, this child loves to laugh very much. When facing the camera, he also has a sense of lens. When he was in Rihanna’s belly, he was often photographed by the media.Life.

Don’t look at Rihanna is 100 billion yuan, but she is also a baby madness, and the eldest son is also very flattering. When he was one year old, he followed his parents to the Vogue cover. When he was born, he won the starting line.Essence

Rihanna and their eldest son are eye -opening!There are too few such hot moms, showing the second child’s pregnant belly, and holding the eldest son.

As always showing a bulging belly, the eldest son was also adorable with a pacifier.Rihanna’s second child is about to be born. She did not hold a welcoming party like other stars. Fans are looking forward to Rihanna’s second child a female treasure.

The sense of fashion really wants to cultivate from an early age!Rihanna’s eldest son was so young, and she was already dressed as a cool Boy by her mother.He was born with a laugh, and made fans very much.

Rihanna has cultivated her son’s fashion potential since she was a child. Mom is the coolest pregnant mother, and her son cannot be behind!Rihanna and his black boyfriend are currently only male and female friends. It is estimated that marriage is still early!After all, Rihanna is too rich.

Pregnant mother Rihanna is too burning!Strong 9 months of pregnant belly and directly wearing underwear, and the second child was about to give birth again.

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