Pregnant mothers are worried that the baby is born on the face, and several protection during pregnancy can be prevented.

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There is a little boy in his son’s class with a red birthmark on his face.When I met for the first time, my son asked me, "Mom, is his face fell because of naughty?" I said, "When he was born, he was kissed by an angel and left a mark. Is it cool?? Do you want to be friends with him? "The son nodded hard.I went on to say, "Then you can say hello to him now, and if someone laughed at him in the future, do you want to help him, know?"

His son ran over and took the hand of the little boy.It can be seen that the little boy looked timid and hid behind his mother.Watching his son’s enthusiastic initiative, he stretched out his hand happily.

Every parents want to have a beautiful and beautiful child, but some children will encounter misfortunes when they are born.For example, this little boy, in this era of "face value is justice", I think the little boy will be more or less affected by this birthmark on his face.

In fact, the incidence of birthmarks in newborns is still very high. According to relevant data, it is as high as 10 %.Like many newborns, there will be black and green, which will fade by themselves with age.

But some like this little boy in his son’s class, growing on his face, or some birthmarks and moles that affect your health, you need to treat professional treatment.

1. Wart -shaped mole

Wart -shaped moles, also known as benign tumors in the skin, are caused by abnormal epidermal development.Usually appears in the baby and young baby period, and dense brown pimples are arranged into line -shaped, which increases with age. It will seriously cause complications such as central system diseases, such as epilepsy and slow mental development.

2. White birthmark

In babies, sometimes there are white birthmarks. Pay attention to the pumping, epilepsy, and intellectual development obstacles that the baby may occur.

3. Red birthmark

The red birthmark is generally not dangerous.But if it grows on the face, it needs to be treated.There is also a red birthmark called facial blood vessel mole but can cause meningioma hemangioma.

4. Sponge hemangioma

Common on the skin of the head and face, it can cause discomfort of the oral mucosa or bone, liver, etc.Skin sponge -like hemangioma is manifested as subcutaneous soft lumps. When pressing, it is like a sponge. If there is an increasing tendency, it is necessary to surgery as soon as possible.

5. Black birthmark

Some babies will have a large number of black spots on their bodies, which may occur, pumping, intellectual obstacles, epilepsy, etc. Some data records show that the incidence of female babies is significantly higher than that of the baby.

There are many statements that influence the destiny of the birthmark in rural areas.In any case, if the birthmark grows on the face, it will have a great impact on the baby, so only by understanding how the birthmark is formed to prevent it.

There are several main reasons for the formation of birthmarks: one is the impact of genes. This factor is generally considered an important factor in forming a birthmark.

The second is the impact of the environment: where there is radiation when you live in pregnancy, or if you have serious pollution, you will increase the risk of your baby’s birthmark.

The third is the impact of living habits during pregnancy: such as irregular diet, poor living habits, etc., may have intensified physical function to a certain extent, causing the baby to have birthmarks after birth.

In addition, there are some different opinions about the birthmark: for example, you can’t see others write couplets, and the ink of the couplet will be sprinkled on the baby to form a birthmark.For example, you can’t see things like others to make holes or eye, which will make your baby grow moles.Although there is no scientific basis, it can be left away during pregnancy.

In short, pay more attention during pregnancy. It is best not to eat unhealthy food.Fruits of anti -season or genetic mutation should not be eaten as much as possible.Maintain the habit of getting up early and getting up early and getting up early, less contact with large radiation items, and staying away from the environment with serious pollution.

Parenting Parenting Message:

Of course, if the baby has grown birthmarks, parents don’t have to worry too much. Now the medical means are so developed, and many can be treated.However, it is not necessary to listen to superstition methods, and blindly intervene in non -governmental means, which will cause secondary damage to the baby and delay the best time to treat.It is best to go to a regular medical institution to seek professional medical means.

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