Pregnant mothers eat more "five fruits and six dishes", which can prevent constipation, control weight, and fetal treasures are healthier

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We recommend that our mother should eat some fruits and fruits often when she is pregnant. The most important thing is that the mother’s appetite is not very good during pregnancy, and the fruits will contain a certain amount of fruit sugar and fruit acid.Happy is actually the best prenatal education.

In addition, the fruit also contains a lot of moisture, which can replenish the pregnant mother. In addition, the fruits are rich in dietary fiber, which can prevent constipation and rich vitamins to promote the growth and development of the fetus.”Zero plan”

The biggest benefit of vegetables is vitamins, rich in dietary fiber, and the calories are very low. There is almost no sugar. Therefore, eating vegetables can control weight.

The nutritional content of different vegetables and fruits is also different.

No. 1: Pear

Pear is a fruit that belongs to Apple. The mother is not easy to be allergic, and the heat of the pear is slightly lower than that of Apple. The 100 grams of miles contain 44 kcal of calories. 85.8%are water.good results.

Because my mother often feels dry throat during pregnancy, eating pears is better than drinking boiled water.

Second: Strange Fruit

Kiwi is also called kiwi, which also has rich vitamin C. 100 grams of Kiwi contains 62 mg of vitamin C. The rich vitamin C can prevent the pregnant mother’s oral bleeding when pregnancy, and it can also play a role of skin whitening.

And rich vitamin C can promote iron absorption and use, helping the fetus growth and development.

Third type: Gua

The vitamin C content of guava is not low, and the fiber content is very high. It is even more surprising that its sugar content is not high.

For pregnant mothers, it is a very high -quality fruit. It will not make weight worse when eating. If you eat it, you do n’t worry about the higher blood sugar. You can also prevent constipation when eating.

Pregnant mothers have smooth intestines, and fetal growth is healthier.

4th type: BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s calories are very low. For pregnant mothers, controlling weight is to eat some fruits with low calories and low sugar.BlackBerry is much lower than grapes. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can take BlackBerry as daily fruits during pregnancy, and supplement vitamins.

5th type: Strawberry

100 grams of strawberries contain 47 mg of vitamin C and 1.8 mg of iron. The iron content in fresh fruits is relatively high, and vitamin C promotes iron absorption. Pregnant mothers are more likely to occur during pregnancy.So eating strawberries can alleviate the symptoms of iron deficiency, which helps the healthy growth of the fetus

In addition to eating fruits, we need to eat more vegetables. After all, the sugar content in vegetables is extremely low.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat a pound of vegetables and half a catty of fruits a day, and this pound of vegetables should also be particular.

We all say that pregnant mothers should drink plenty of milk, but if the pregnant mother has lactose intolerance, or is not interested in drinking milk itself, it is necessary to supplement calcium supplementation through other foods.

In addition to some animal foods we recommend, such as small shrimp or bean foods, we must also supplement the pregnant mothers from vegetables.

There are 6 kinds of vegetables that contain more than 120 mg of calcium (100 ml of high calcium milk contains 120 mg of calcium), which is higher than high calcium milk, and pregnant mothers can eat more when they are pregnant.

The first edamame: Each 100 grams of chlorophytis contains 135 mg of calcium.

The second kind of rapeseed: per 100 grams of rapeseed contains 148 mg of calcium.

The third kind of snow: Each 100 grams of snow contains 230 mg of calcium.

The fourth kind of woody fungus: per 100 grams of fungus dishes contain 166 mg of calcium.

The fifth kind of amaranth: Whether it is white or red, the calcium content is almost nearly 180 mg.

The 6th type of amaranth: The calcium content is particularly high. 100 grams contain 294 mg of calcium, but it is relatively rare in the south.

The calcium content of the above 6 kinds of dishes exceeds 120 mg. It can be said that it is higher than the calcium content of milk. It is recommended that pregnant mothers can take more appropriate intake during pregnancy.

Eating 300 grams a day can make up more than 500 mg of calcium, which is equivalent to half of the amount of calcium per day.

But although these vegetables are rich in calcium, why is it ignored by many people?Mainly because there are a large amount of oxalic acid in vegetables, which will hinder calcium absorption.

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers first put them in hot water when making these dishes. The plantic acid will be dissolved in hot water to better absorb the calcium in the vegetables.

Diverse food during pregnancy, you must pay attention to choice.Eat less sugar, too high calories, and easy to allergic.Eat more, low calories, high vitamins, high dietary fiber, and high water content, which helps prevent constipation and control weight.

When eating vegetables, you can choose more high calcium vegetables, which helps prevent cramps caused by calcium deficiency and back pain.

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