Pregnant mothers fever and take medicine for side effects. What should I do if I do n’t take medicine to endanger the health of fetal treasure?

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Have you experienced a fever during pregnancy?In fact, when I was not pregnant before, I ignored the minor illnesses of fever and colds, because I have lived for so many years, I have already figured out my body’s disease mechanism.I will go to the doctor to get medicine.

But it is not the same as pregnant. I had a total of two burns during pregnancy. When I was in the first fever, I was tangled, because according to my previous personality, I would rather not take medicine.How difficult is it, but will it not affect the baby’s baby for fever now?

For this reason, I also deliberately searched some information. I do n’t know if I do n’t check it. It ’s really impact.

If the pregnant mother has a cold, but there is no fever, no cough, or the fever temperature does not exceed 38 degrees, it is actually possible without treatment. This generally does not cause harm to the baby.However, if the pregnant mother has a fever of more than 38 degrees, and even the high fever has reached 39 degrees, and the duration lasts for more than 3 days, the pregnant mother can no longer ignore it.

We need to know that the pregnant mother’s central nervous system has begun to develop for more than 2 weeks after fertilization and pregnancy. At this time, a high fever of 39 degrees may affect the development of the baby’s nervous tube. If the high fever continues to exceed 3God, then it will cause harm to the baby.Not to mention that the fever is more than 40 degrees, it will cause harm to the development of the baby for a day.

Seeing this, I was secretly grateful. Fortunately, I had a fever below 38 degrees each time.

However, if a high fever is high, pregnant mothers may think that eating medicine is afraid of side effects, and if you do n’t take medicine, what should I do if I do n’t take medicine. What should I do?

In fact, this problem is not a problem that pregnant mothers should consider. As long as the pregnant mother knows that if he has a high fever, just seek medical treatment in time. The doctor will naturally have countermeasures. Pregnant mothers remember not to use antipyretics by themselves.

This is the general treatment plan for doctors:

Generally, below 38.5 degrees Celsius, physical cooling can be used. You can use antipyretic stickers, or apply cold towels to wipe the abundant blood vessels such as the armpit, neck, nest, palm, and foot heart with warm water to help cool down.

If the fever temperature is too high, doctors generally adopt the injection of Chaihu injection to the pregnant mother to reduce the fever, and it is recommended that the pregnant mother takes some pure Chinese medicine preparations, such as the Bantan granules.It can help exclude excess heat in the body.

In addition, the diet. During the fever, the pregnant mother should eat as much high protein, low fat, and light food. At the same time, eat more fresh fruits and rest.

Finally, it is added that the temperature of the pregnant mother’s bath water is best not to exceed 39 degrees, which is the same reason as fever.

Have you ever worried about you during pregnancy?


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