Pregnant mothers make makeup, is it prone to fetal deformity?

After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, the skin of pregnant mothers becomes very sensitive and more likely to have problems, so you need to pay attention to care and maintenance.However, will pregnant mothers always worry that makeup will cause fetal malformations?

Let’s take a look at the cause of fetal malformation;

1. Pregnant mother itself or surrounding environmental factors

The risk of excessive deformity of fetal dosage during early pregnancy will increase significantly; certain drugs or chemical preparations can cause fetal malformations, especially when the risk of use during early pregnancy is greater;Deforms such as rubella, giant cells, simple herpes, bowworms, syphilis, etc.; High fever during early pregnancy and hyperglycemia during pregnancy can also increase the risk of fetal deformity; folic acid deficiency in foods also increase the risk of fetal nerve tube defects and cleft lip and palate.

2. Genetic factors

Parents’ chromosomal abnormalities, parent carrying mutation genes, etc. can cause fetal malformations.

What are the real risks of cosmetics?

There are many causes of fetal malformations, and drugs or chemical preparations are only part of them.According to statistics, among all birth defects, only about 1%of chemicals and drugs are really caused by chemicals and drugs. Among them, the proportion of makeup due to pregnant women is even smaller.Generally speaking, a small amount of chemicals or cosmetics containing chemicals will not increase or increase the risk of birth defects slightly. Poor contacts that truly increase the risk of birth defects are occupational contact.Cosmetics makeup artists and so on.

Precautions for Makeup Mother’s Makeup

If you have to make up, choose a special cosmetics for pregnant women to avoid using products such as sprinkler, hormones, heavy metals, mineral oil and chemical flavors.Especially for skin care products with skin changes or exfoliating, it is best to avoid, because the content of sodium salicylate is high, and the human body will absorb more.Therefore, try to use as little functional products such as whitening and anti -wrinkle. Usually only hydrating and moisturizing.

The principle of makeup of pregnant mothers

After pregnancy, you can continue to make up, but makeup should not be too heavy. It is best not to turn on heavy makeup. Instead, there is no additional light makeup. As long as the quality is qualified, most skin care products can be used during pregnancy.The chemical component in cosmetics wants to penetrate the skin, the natural barrier to enter the blood circulation, and it is also very difficult to affect the baby.However, cosmetics contain these three ingredients!1. Anti -wrinkle skin care products containing vitamin A acid (vitamin acid): It can combat wrinkles to improve skin tone, so it can often be seen in anti -aging and acne removal products, but excessive intake may cause fetal malformations;

2. Acne skin care products containing salicylic acid: The role is to help the skin’s old keratin metabolism.Cosmetics containing salicylic acid generally exist in acne and exfoliating products; 3. Nail polish and spray gums containing tunopronic acid;

Master the above knowledge and the risk of makeup during the contraception, you can still be beautiful!

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