Pregnant mothers may encounter different abdominal pain in different periods. How should they deal with it correctly?

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October is pregnant, just like playing games to check the level.You must be overwhelmed, you must pass it.

When to do whatever it is a necessary stage.

When the baby is born, the baby is born healthy, which is the customs clearance of this game;

However, it also means that another "game" began again!

Life is more exciting!

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In this "game" during pregnancy, there is a "monster" called "abdominal pain".

It is quite terrible to think about it. In the abdomen of the pregnant mother, it is just a baby’s home.

Pregnant mother’s abdominal pain, and the baby’s home seems not safe.

Be cautious, understand the reason, and know what to do.

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If it wasn’t for a long time, many pregnant mothers judged that they had pregnancy through their own holidays.

Before determining whether you are really pregnant, the abdomen starts to pain, pain, and faint pain …

If there is vaginal bleeding,

Some careless pregnant mothers may think that they have passed by "dysmenorrhea";

But in fact, this may be a sign of a threatened abortion.

When you go to the hospital for a doctor, bed rest is the first choice.

I just walked from the surprise of pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers suddenly found that her lower abdomen was intermittent pain, and sometimes this pain would last about one and a half months.

This is a kind of faint pain, like a feeling of vacation, occasionally the chest pain, and then no appetite and lethargic.

When you go to the hospital, you will determine whether there are pregnancy through blood tests, B -ultrasound and other methods.

The result of abdominal pain is basically because of low progesterone. You need to take fetal medicine and progesterone, and you need to rest quietly.

When abdominal pain is not accompanied by bleeding, pregnant mothers do n’t have to worry too much, pay more attention to resting, and it will gradually normal when the baby grows up.

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Most of the abdominal pain in this level is the discomfort caused by the increase in uterine.

The abdominal pain is on both sides of the lower abdomen. It is often only one side of the pain. The pain on both sides is not very frequent. Sometimes it hurts for a long time, and sometimes it hurts a few times. The short time interval is less than one minute.

From time to time, the stomach is as painful as convulsions, and it feels a bit like a crack. The degree is not serious. It may be accompanied by the symptoms of dizziness.

When you go to the hospital, you will basically judge that it is due to the increase in uterine.

Therefore, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much when they encounter this situation.

It is best to take the left side when you sleep. If you put a pillow under your feet, you will feel more comfortable.

In the middle of pregnancy, it was a period of comfortable mothers. The baby developed normally, and he also adapted to a slightly awkward life.

However, the pain of this level is mainly painful in the lower abdomen and the middle part of the legs, mostly pain in the union of the pubic bone.From four months of pregnancy to 10 months after giving birth.

This pain is really painful, and some sensitive pregnant mothers have a step like the body is split every step.It is difficult to fall asleep and cannot turn over.

However, as the fetus is delivered, the unblocked pubic bone can be combined to restore the original shape, and the pain will disappear.

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32 weeks of pregnancy have entered the third trimester, and the pregnant mother is more inconvenient. Walking and sitting will have a natural and uncomfortable feeling.

The abdominal pain in this level is basically because the normal load brought by the baby’s growing up will last about half a month.This pain feels a tingling sensation, without any other discomfort.

At this time, the baby was in the mother’s belly, his head was down, the uterine mouth had slowly softened, and the baby entered the pot, so it would feel this way.

When you go to the hospital for treatment, under the premise of other examinations, doctors will recommend that pregnant mothers pay attention to rest, don’t be too tired, just relieve it slowly.

At 40 weeks of pregnancy, during the period of Guusuke, the abdominal pain during this period was of course a sign of contraction.

The pain in the lower abdomen is slow to urgent, from light to heavy, and it lasts about 12 hours, accompanied by more symptoms.

So congratulations, the pregnant mother quickly prepare for the birth bag and be ready to meet your dear baby to meet your dear baby!

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Bless all pregnant mothers to pass the customs as expected, and entered a new beginning with lovely babies with cute babies!

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