Pregnant mothers often play mobile phones. What does the fetus feel?After reading it, I put down the phone unconsciously

During pregnancy, there are not a few pregnant mothers who play mobile phones. Although the impact of radiation on mobile phones on the human body is minimal, there are still some disadvantages to play mobile phones during pregnancy.And you know, do you feel that your baby feels when you are playing with your mobile phone?


The pregnant mother and the fetus are mother and child’s heart. The emotions of pregnant mothers will be felt by the fetus. Therefore, when the pregnant mother plays a mobile phone, she will be excited and the fetus will be excited.

If it is at night, the pregnant mother needs to pay attention, especially the pregnant mother who likes to stay up late to play mobile phones. When you are playing with your mobile phone, your baby will also sleep because of excitement.This is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.


If the pregnant mother always plays with a mobile phone and ignores the baby, the baby will be jealous. At this time, the little guy may be disturbed. In the stomach of the pregnant mother, he will start to make a big trouble in the palace and punches the pregnant mother.Make pregnant mothers is not peaceful, and it is likely that the pregnant mother will worry about it. I think the baby is except for?In fact, the little guy had a temper there because the pregnant mother ignored him!

Scared baby

The baby’s voice is still more sensitive. If the pregnant mother suddenly ringtone when the pregnant mother is playing with a mobile phone, it may scare the baby and make the baby restless. If the baby is often frightened, it may affect the baby’s healthy developmentYo!

The baby is uncomfortable

If the pregnant mother has been playing with mobile phones, it may keep a posture for a long time. This will not only compress the fetus, but also make their own blood poor, which is not conducive to the fetal blood supply.Make the baby’s baby uncomfortable.

In fact, the pregnant mother occasionally play the phone and pass the time, but it is still possible, but don’t be fascinated by the mobile phone.And often playing mobile phones, pregnant mothers lack exercise, less than breathing fresh air, which are not good for fetal development.

I do n’t know if you look at these influences of pregnant mothers to play with mobile phones. Do you just put down the mobile phone in your hand like me?

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