Pregnant Mother’s Pregnancy Guide During the 22nd Weekly Pregnancy Guide

Tourism is a suitable exercise for pregnant mummy. It is gentle and safe, that is, it can discharge depression and promote health. We must persist until the third trimester or even the day before giving birth.

Now you may already feel that your actions are a bit slow and bulky, and the memory has declined, which is normal.

Before you become too bulky, you can start preparing your own production bag and baby products.

Growth of the baby: The 22 -week fetus is now about 27.7 cm in length and about 450 grams. At this time, the weight of the fetus has begun to increase significantly, and it looks like a baby.

From this week, the baby’s brain has begun to grow rapidly, especially the radical substrate located in the center of the brain, which is responsible for producing brain cells.

The baby’s sober time is getting longer and longer. When he is sober, he will clearly hear the conversation, music and noise of the adults outside, and even if the mother lights up the abdomen, it will wake him up.In addition, the baby’s permanent teeth have begun to develop.

Changes in pregnant mothers: Your body will become heavier and the speed is almost a pound of a week.

As the uterus is increasingly oppressing the lungs, you may feel a little difficult to breathe when you go upstairs.

If you go faster, the abdomen may suddenly feel a dramatic pain. This is caused by the telescopic retract of the uterine muscle. When changing the position, you will feel dizziness and dizziness. This is a common symptom at this stage.As you improve, it is recommended that you take the action to slow down slightly.

Nutrition guidance: Babies should rely on absorbing iron to create red blood cells in the blood, so at this stage, mummy is prone to anemia.

You should eat more iron -rich foods, such as lean meat, eggs, animal liver, fish, iron -containing vegetables, and reinforced iron foods, oranges, tomatoes and other foods rich in vitamin C also helpThe absorption of iron can also supplement the iron under the guidance of a doctor.

However, it is not too much, and excessive iron supplementation may also cause constipation.

If you do not need iron supplementation, or decide not to supplement iron, just make sure to eat more iron -containing foods.

Life reminder: If you want to arrange a trip to travel or treat oral problems, it is currently a better period.

Now you should absolutely prohibit smoking and drinking, and your husband should also avoid allowing you to suck second -hand smoke. Excessive smoke is inhaled by you to insufficient blood supply to the placenta and affect the development of the fetus and intelligence.

If you feel cold when you sleep, you can put on short socks.

In addition, don’t forget to prepare slippers, bathrobes or clothes that are convenient to wear and take off, so that you can wear it at any time when you go to the bathroom at night.

Relatively relative to the entire pregnancy period is a relatively comfortable period for expectant mothers. It not only gets rid of the early pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, but also has no sense of severity in the third trimester. Therefore, from now on, expectant parents can purchase maternal and infant products one after anotherOkay!

At this time, the expectant mothers have not been "stupid", and their physical discomfort is relatively small, so hurry up to give a good plan for the future, otherwise it may be busy when preparing for the third trimester or even after childbirth!

Recommended recipe: strong incense beef bone soup

Beef bone is rich in calcium, which is good for pregnant women and fetuses. The late pregnancy is a period of formation of fetal bones. It is particularly required for calcium. Therefore, beef bone soup should be consumed often.

Ingredients: 1000 grams of beef bone, 500 grams of carrots, 200 grams of tomato, 200 grams of broccoli, 1 onion, 5 grains of black pepper, salt.

Cattle bone is cut into large pieces, washed, put in boiling water and cook for 5 minutes, remove and rinse;

Peel the carrot and cut into pieces, cut tomatoes into 4 pieces, cut into large pieces of broccoli, and onion to remove clothes and blocks;

Heat the pot, add 1 tablespoon of oil, stir -fry the onion slowly, inject it in an appropriate amount of water, add a variety of ingredients to cook for 3 hours, and season it.

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