Pregnant mothers remember these three principles, "long fetus is not long" is no longer a dream

It is said that the pregnancy is "one person, two people make up". As the baby grows up day by day, the appetite of the pregnant mother is getting better and better.However, if we can’t hold weight, there will be huge hidden health hazards and the risk of increasing cesarean section.Master the following three principles of diet during pregnancy, so that expectant mothers "do not have long fetus"

The three principles of pregnant mothers have three major principles, have you eaten right?

1 Do not overeating, quantify regularly, eat less and eat more meals

Don’t eat Hycera, as long as you feel full of eight points.

Eating too much, too full will make the enlarged uterus and the stomach full of food raised our diaphragm muscles, so that it is easy to squeeze the heart, panic, chest tightness, and uncomfortable.

Overlashing can also cause too much burden on the digestive system, causing acute gastroenteritis and even pancreatitis.

To eat regularly, to eat irregularly. If the baby’s mother is hungry for a long time, she will have low blood pressure. The baby in the belly may be in danger of hypoxia.thing.

2 Eat less cold foods

There is a risk of parasitic infection with raw meat and seafood sashimi!

Especially when eating hot pot, pay attention, try to cook more meat as much as possible!

Half -raw meat that is eager to eat can easily cause gastroenteritis and allergies!

If the stomach is uncomfortable, you must observe more and pay attention. Once the situation is serious, you must seek medical treatment in time.

3 Eat less fatty and greasy food, pay attention to the balanced nutrition

Pay attention to the type and intake of meat, and do not pause the big fish and meat because one person eats two.

It is recommended that you eat some healthy and nutritious meats, such as fish, chicken, and beef. This low -fat and high -quality high -quality meat is also digested with fruits and vegetables.

Like fat and animal internal organs, you can eat one or two mouthfuls if you are nagging.

The scientific diet during pregnancy and controlling weight is the content that both obstetricians and pregnant mothers are very concerned. At different stages of pregnancy, nutritional supplements are also different.

1 Early pregnancy nutrition supplement

At this time in the early pregnancy, the baby is still very small. The demand for expectant mothers is the same as before pregnancy. Therefore, there is no need to desperately supplement in the early pregnancy to ensure nutritional balance.

Eat less meals in early pregnancy and eat digestible foods. In the early pregnancy, the weight growth is controlled between 500-2000g.

If a mother with a serious response early pregnancy, in order to ensure the nutrition of themselves and the fetus, it is recommended to eat some high -calorie foods to maintain weight growth and energy supply

2 Nutrition supplement in the middle of pregnancy

During this period, the baby’s baby grows rapidly, and the daily energy recommendations of pregnant mothers increase by about 350 kcal. Of course, according to the different causes of the basic weight of the pregnant mother.

It is recommended that you increase the calories in an appropriate amount and match nutrition reasonably.

The weight increases by about 400g per week.

3 Nutritional supplementation in the third trimester

On the basis of the second trimester, 200-250 kcal is added to increase carbohydrates and proteins, but it must also increase or decrease according to individual conditions.

The baby enters the "crazy long period"!TA increases by 100-200g per week.

It is recommended that you increase your weight between 400-500g a week.

4 Nutritional supplement to avoid these pits during pregnancy

Traditional concepts believe that bone soup can be replenished, but it is actually a misunderstanding. Calcium supplementation is not reliable through bone soup.

Some pregnant mothers choose to eat iodine -free salt. In fact, the need for pregnant mothers for iodine after pregnancy also increases. Iodine deficiency will also affect fetal development. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers choose iodine salt.

Vitamin D is a fat -soluble vitamin. If too much intake is harmful to the human body, so the more calcium is not supplemented, the better, it is best to check whether the vitamin D is lacking before supplement.

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