Pregnant mothers vomit seriously?In severe cases, it is not ingenious!

Because I learned that I was pregnant, I was immersed in surprise for a long time, but the "bitter days" of the mummy came.

Because the pregnancy reaction is too large, I spit it up and I can’t eat anything, but I still say a lot of voices in my ears:

This is the case during pregnancy, because you have children. At this time, the child grows up. You have to eat more for your child ……..

Some time ago, the Olympic champion He Wenna also had a strong pregnancy response in the variety show and was very uncomfortable. The mother -in -law on the side had always asked to eat meat. Whether the pregnant woman asked for mercy, the pregnant woman could not bear the vomiting in the bathroom.


Many netizens in front of the screen, especially the Baoma, have expressed their opinions, saying that they cannot accept such compulsory, because pregnancy is really not arrogant, it is really uncomfortable.

Having said that, what happened to such a torture?The children who are envious of those who do not want to vomit are pregnant, and most people have suffered a lot of sins.

Does pregnancy vomiting hurt Mommy and baby?

Pregnancy vomiting is a physiological phenomenon of early pregnancy. Generally, it starts from the fifth week. It is more serious in 7-8 weeks. It will end in about 12 weeks.

There will be dizziness, loss of appetite, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc., so it will be uncomfortable for almost two months.

The above is the general situation. There are many moms that vomit production in reality.

Will it have a bad impact according to the vomiting method?Let’s talk about it:


This is to remind you that you are pregnant, then you have to pay attention to your body. Don’t jump blindly like when you are not pregnant. It can also be regarded as a protective role. This is also the benefit;

Is there a bad place?This score is saying:

The first: those who have a mild pregnancy reaction have no need to worry. They should eat and drink, and keep in a happy mood.

The second type: Those with severe pregnancy reaction (it is said that someone spits while leaking urine). First of all, the throat will be corroded by gastric acid. If you have been unable to eat, the carbohydrates will be insufficient.It is not possible to protect the tire’s brain nerves. It is recommended to ensure sufficient carbohydrate intake every day, such as porridge, bread;

Regarding pregnancy drama vomiting: dehydration, low urine amount, and even vomiting to gastric bleeding, these must go to the hospital for treatment, check the urine ketone body and electrolyte, the doctor will see if the infusion is required;

Seriously related complications (termination of pregnancy):

① Hyperthyroidism: 60%-70%of pregnancy drama vomiting pregnant women may have short-term hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), mostly temporary, most of them are not serious and do not need to use related drugs.

②Wernicke encephalopathy: This disease mainly includes eye muscle paralysis, torso aggregate disorders and forgotten mental symptoms.The mortality rate of patients was still 10%after treatment, and the mortality rate of not treatment was as high as 50%.


Generally speaking, there is no effect on the fetus in the pregnancy. We can also divide the situation:

The first type: Mummy who spit well during the early pregnancy. At that time, the embryo was small. In fact, there was not much nutrients. If you do n’t want to eat or eat it because of pregnancy, you do n’t have to be panic.

The second type: What should I do if I have spit it until the production of production?As the belly becomes larger, the needs of the baby in the stomach is also growing, so you should do a regular check -up, and the doctor will tell your baby’s situation on the doctor, so don’t guess what your baby will do yourself.

Don’t believe these rumors!

1 The pregnancy reaction can judge whether a boy or a girl is pregnant?

If you are wrong, please do not believe the appraisal method other than scientific inspection. If it is purely entertaining, it is good to listen to the pregnant woman.

2 The more severe the pregnancy reaction represents the more stable the embryo development?

If there is no scientific basis, pregnancy vomiting will occur, which is related to the content of choric membrane gonadotropins (HCG) in the pregnant woman’s body, and has nothing to do with the stability of the embryo.So many people are not pregnant, and they are worried that they are unhealthy, and it is unnecessary.

3 Hawthorn, crabs, and peppers cannot be eaten, will they have a miscarriage?

It must not be so miserable. If the pregnant mother wants to eat, pay attention to the nutritional balance (remember to control the sugar).Products, etc.

Help, is there a way to relieve it?

I can’t stand it anymore. I heard that eating sour taste will make people appetite. My husband is going to give me the whole point ~

No, no, I have asked the doctor that eating sour taste and pickled food is not good for you and babies in your belly, and you have too much stomach and stomach acid, and eating these more hurts the body.EssenceEssenceEssence

Reference of relief method

The relief of pregnant vomiting varies from person to person, and some can not solve some doctors. It can only be said that it is really a big crime;

We list some relatively effective methods, and pregnant mothers can refer to:

1. Soda biscuits and soda: These alkaline foods can be slightly neutralized with gastric acid. After pregnancy, eating soda biscuits can slow down saliva secretion and avoid nausea again.

2. Stay away from everything that makes you uncomfortable: Whether it is food or husband’s stinky socks, more retching will become vomiting, so the taste you don’t like is away.

3. Taking B6 supplements: Some studies have shown that ingesting B6s can relieve the symptoms of pregnancy of pregnant mothers, but to pass the doctor’s permission, and it should not exceed 10 mg per day.B6 dependence ", vitamin B6 in foods such as lean meat, corn, nuts, and nuts is also very high, and it is better to take food by food.

In October, many pregnant mothers are very hard, and few are relaxed, but do n’t worry too much when you encounter any reactions. Treat them scientifically. I believe that everything is worth seeing the baby’s health.

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