Pregnant pubic pain to cry?These methods are very practical.

After women are pregnant, they have different degrees of discomfort. From pregnancy vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, to the later period of pubic pain, inconvenience, insomnia all night, etc., people are painful.

I do n’t know what stage everyone is the most difficult during pregnancy. For me, the memory of the memory is still the pain. It really hurts to doubt life and cry!

Fortunately, I learned a few small methods on the Internet to effectively alleviate pubic pain. I will share it with you today!

Reduce activities

The pubic pain is normal. The cause of the occurrence is that the hormone changes after pregnancy, the pelvic telescopic space becomes larger, which will cause the pubic bone to loosen and the gap becomes larger.

The pain of this kind of pubic separation is experienced by every pregnant mother during pregnancy. When this change appears, the pregnant mother should appropriately reduce the activity and rest moreThe exercise is easy to aggravate the pubic pain.

In addition, pregnant mothers can choose to lie on the left and slightly harder mattresses during the rest, so as to effectively avoid the waist sinking, and can rest more comfortably.

Prepare comfortable shoes

Although the pregnant mother should rest in bed when the pubic bone pain should be restrained, the appropriate amount of exercise is still necessary, especially the stretching movement of the legs can effectively enhance the flexibility of the pubic bone and achieve the effect of alleviating pubic pain.

However, pregnant mothers must choose a pair of comfortable shoes during the activity, especially the soles must be soft, so that they can reduce the vibration and relieve the pain of the legs and hip when walking.


When the pregnant mother’s belly is getting larger and larger, the weight will gradually increase, the corresponding burden on the waist will become heavier, and the pressure on the pubic bone will increase.

Therefore, in order to reduce pubic pain, Baoma can choose the tool properly to assist and reduce the pressure on the waist. For example, the abdominal belt that is very popular now, it is a good auxiliary tool.

The use of the belly with the stretch of the pregnant belly can greatly reduce the burden on the waist and reduce the pressure on the pubic bone, which is conducive to relieving pubic pain.

Of course, the pregnant mother must pay attention to the tightness of the belt when using the belt belt. Do not squeeze the fetus in the abdomen. It is best to choose the belt after asking the doctor.

Proper calcium supplement

During pregnancy, the demand for calcium in pregnant mothers increases. In addition to maintaining their own nutritional balance, it is also necessary to provide a large amount of calcium in the baby to develop their bones and make them grow faster and better.Calcium supplementation will begin in the early stage.

When pregnant mothers have pubic pain, you can also add more calcium intake appropriately to avoid postpartum osteoporosis and falling down the waist and leg pain.

The pubic pain is really painful, but once this stage ushered in a new life, it will feel that all pain is worth it.

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