Pregnant stomach bloating and drinking yogurt is best to relieve qi

Xiaobian has appetite recently, and small problems have followed.Now constipation, constipation has always been there, but it is much better in the fourth month. Now for more than 5 months, I have started constipation after eating too much.Husband said: It must be that you always eat meat and don’t eat vegetables.Seriously, I see the meat that is shining. It ’s okay at home. When I go out for dinner, the taste of the hotel is better than I made, and it ca n’t stop eating meat.Then I ate too much, the stomach bloated followed, facing it, sleeping well, and not going to the toilet.I can’t sleep, and my husband doesn’t expect to sleep.Haha, I ca n’t sleep, I ’m broken, I speak old, talking and talking again.My husband couldn’t stand it, and went to the supermarket to buy yogurt for me.One is to plug my mouth, and the other is that yogurt can relieve flatulence and laxative, so that my husband has to sleep.

So, when is the best to drink yogurt?

It turns out that drinking yogurt also pays attention to time. Drinking too much will bring negative effects to the body.Drinking after meals is conducive to absorbing nutrition. It is best to drink yogurt from 30 minutes to 2 hours after meals.Drinking yogurt at night is the most nutritious.Yogurt is a good source of calcium in food. From the perspective of calcium supplement, drinking yogurt at night is more.Because from 12 o’clock in the evening to the early morning, it is the lowest blood calcium content of the human body, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food.At the same time, there are also fewer factors that affect the absorption of calcium in the human body during this period.Although it also contains high calcium in milk, compared with it, the binding of lactic acid contained in yogurt can better promote calcium absorption.

Also, what are the benefits of drinking yogurt?

Lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can inhibit the reproduction of diseased colorectal, dysentery, etc. in the intestine, and reduce the chance of intestinal infection in the human body.And yogurt milk is better digested than ordinary milk, and it is easier to absorb. Because of its special ingredients, it helps the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.Therefore, yogurt has certain benefits to preventing gastrointestinal diseases.Calcium in yogurt is more likely to be absorbed by the human body than milk, and the utilization rate is higher.Yogurt also has excellent sterilization power, which can reduce many intestinal bacteria, such as E. coli. In addition, yogurt has always been one of the folk recipes for the treatment of vaginitis. It also proves that yogurt can indeed prevent vaginal adopycosis infection.Yogurt can also inhibit the reproduction of intestinal siege bacteria, thereby regulating the intestinal flora and enhancing the body’s ability to resist disease.At the same time, yogurt can stimulate gastric acid secretion, enhance gastrointestinal digestion function, and promote the metabolism of the body.

Yogurt is nutritious and healthy food.Yogurt not only preserves all nutrients of the original fresh milk, but also makes the lactic acid make the protein a slightly fine -gastric milk, which can enhance the digestion and absorption.

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