Pregnant women are dizzy and not small, and they do not quickly attract attention. The 4 yuan fierce causes dizziness for pregnant women.

We may have experienced it. The moment when we suddenly stood up after sitting for a long time, our eyes could not see things clearly, dizzy. This is a short -term brain hypoxia caused by the blood due to inertia.recover.But is often dizziness related to our physical condition?Especially women often appear dizziness after pregnancy. Is this a manifestation of not healthy women in pregnant women?What are the causes of pregnant women’s dizziness and how to deal with it?

1. Oxygen

Oxygen is an indispensable condition in the human body, especially for women during pregnancy.Oxygen during pregnancy is very dangerous. For those who are light, it affects the baby’s development, and it will also cause the fetus to die. This is not alarmist.There are more oxygen during pregnancy than normal people, but the frequency of breathing has not increased. Therefore, pregnant women will feel dizzy in environments with lower oxygen content. At this time, if the fetal movement is abnormally frequent, it means that the baby is also in a hypoxic state.

Pregnant women are advised not to stay in places with large people and relatively closed traffic for a long time, such as cinemas and supermarkets.If you want to go out and walk more, you can go to the park. The air content of the air is rich and relaxed, which is very helpful to the growth of the fetus.

2. Hypoglycemia

Due to the fast pace of life, some young people will not eat breakfast in order to save time, which will occur with hypoglycemia after a long time, which will affect work and life.Although pregnant women are not as busy as ordinary people, the baby is growing every day. Moms must constantly take various nutrients. Do not eat it if you are hungry, because the growth of the fetus is unable to control it.Nutrition, at this time, pregnant women are prone to hypoglycemia.Pregnant women’s hypoglycemia will not only affect the development of the fetus, but also seriously cause fetal malformations, which must be paid attention to.

Women during pregnancy must pay attention to diet, and it is recommended to eat less meals to ensure the amount of nutrients in the body, because fetal development is always carried out. Usually, when not at a meal, you can prepare some snacks, soy milk, eggs, chocolate and the likeAdd energy at any time.If the pregnant woman is out of low blood sugar, it will fall down for a while, and the fetus and pregnant women are very dangerous.

3. Anemia

Women during pregnancy will gradually increase their blood capacity after 6 weeks of pregnancy. The purpose is to supplement the fetus and oxygen for the fetus to help grow. Therefore, the blood capacity during pregnancy will increase by about 1500ml than usual. This standard can ensure the fetal nutrients.If you do n’t pay attention to supplementing the intake of vitamins, protein and iron, it is prone to anemia. Pregnant women will often have dizziness when they are squatting.

Pregnant women should pay attention to nutritional supplements, especially foods with rich protein, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, etc. In addition, iron supplementation is required to supplement folic acid and vitamins. These are necessary elements to help the body’s blood.In addition, the nutritional balance should be guaranteed during pregnancy. Eat more foods of red dates, red beans, and nuts, which is useful for alleviating anemia.Usually pay more attention to your physical condition, regular medical examinations after pregnancy, detect anemia as soon as possible, and prevent and control as soon as possible.

4. Cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is due to the fatigue state of the cervical spine for a long time, compressing nerves, headaches, shoulder and back pain, and neck stiff symptoms. Sometimes they are accompanied by dizziness and severe vomiting.Caused by smoothness.

Pregnant women who do not have a history of cervical spine can judge whether it is cervical spondylosis when dizziness, because cervical spondylosis will also appear numb and sore shoulders.It is still recommended to go to the hospital for examination to be diagnosed whether it is dizziness due to cervical spondylosis or other reasons to avoid delaying the condition.

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