Pregnant women are particularly particular about eating fruits, and the principle of "3, 3, 3, 3, 3 Not" during pregnancy, mother and child benefit

Mothers during pregnancy often encounter problems of pregnancy and loss of appetite. At this time, if there are some sour and sweet fruits around, they will relieve most of their discomfort.

However, in addition to rich vitamins, the content of sugar is also very high. If pregnant women take too much fruits, it is easy to cause the fetus to be too large and cause difficulties to childbirth.Therefore, it is necessary for pregnant women to eat fruits, but there are some rules that still follow.

Pregnant women should eat fruits, and they should be "three important, three, and three do not eat" during pregnancy. This can ensure that the mother has nutrition and the baby is safe.

1. Apple

Apple is not only cheap, but also rich in nutrition. It is called a universal fruit in fruits, and it is very suitable for the first choice for the baby to eat puree for the first time.Whether it is a child or an old man, whether it is diarrhea or constipation, even pregnant women can eat apples.

When you are sick, you may wish to try the sweet and sour apple, which can not only alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy, but also supplement some necessary vitamins.

2. Grape

Many pregnant women have problems with anemia, cold hands and feet, and poor blood circulation before pregnancy, and they will become more serious after pregnancy.During pregnancy, pregnant women eat some grapes in moderation, which has some relief effects on the above symptoms, followed by good fetal effects.

3. Pear

The people believe that pear has good diuretic and lung effects, and has a good relief effect on lower limb edema in the late pregnancy.Secondly, pear contains a variety of vitamins and calcium, which can not only supplement nutrition, but also relieve the discomfort of pregnancy.

1. Papaya

Papaya is sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition, and has the titles of all fruit.However, papaya is cold fruit, and people with weak bodies and cold body should not eat more.After pregnant women eat papaya, the papayain contained in it will promote uterine contraction and endanger fetal health.For the health of the fetus, pregnant women should be cautious when eating papaya.

Although papaya is not suitable for pregnant women, it is very suitable for postpartum mothers to eat. It has a good dredging breast and prolactin effect.

2. Citrus

Citrus itself is sweet and sour, rich in nutrition, especially the content of vitamin C is particularly outstanding.Pregnant women eat some citrus in moderation not only to supplement vitamin C, improve immunity, but also make the baby’s skin fair.

Although citrus is rich in nutrition, it has a high sugar content. Eating too much for pregnant women can easily cause blood sugar and weight problems.Secondly, eating more citrus is easy to get angry, exacerbating the risk of constipation during pregnancy and hemorrhoids.

3. Mango

The mango is the same as citrus, not only delicious, but also rich in vitamins and minerals.However, the disadvantages of mango are not only high sugar content, but also easier to allergies.

Even if some pregnant women have not been allergic to mango before, they will have an allergic reaction with hormones after pregnancy, so pregnant women must be cautious when eating mango.

1. Persimmon

We all know that most pregnant women will encounter problems of constipation and hemorrhoids, and persimmons have a good effect on the above problems.However, persimmons are not easy to digest and are not suitable for people with weak gastrointestinal function, especially pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the fetus is getting larger and larger, which will squeeze the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant women, causing gastrointestinal function to weaken.Pregnant women eat persimmons, which will aggravate the burden on the stomach.So during pregnancy, persimmons can still not eat it without eating.

2. Hawthorn

When I am pregnant, every time I am pregnant, I want to eat the hawthorn most.Hawthorn is sweet and sour, and it does have an appetizer.However, there have been rumors that eating hawthorn has been abortion since ancient times. Although there is no exact scientific evidence, they cannot make a baby’s healthy joke, can not eat, try not to eat.

3. Litchi

Recently, it is a good time to eat litchi, but pregnant women should not eat too much.Litchi is a thermal fruit. Normal people who eat too much will cause constipation and sores.Pregnant women are more special. Eating too much lychee will not only have the above problems, but also cause fetal movement and even abortion, so lychee can also eat without eating.

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