Pregnant women are really "burned"!Look at the data


The results of European and American research show that the fever during pregnancy will increase the risk of autism with autism once or twice, and the fever in the second trimester will increase the risk by about 40 %.Those women who reported fever 3 times and more after 12 weeks of pregnancy increased their risk of autism by more than 3 times.


Can’t afford it.


The teenager (10 ~ 19 years old) is the second critical period of life development.International studies have shown that 70%of non -infectious diseases that cause adult deaths are related to some risk factors in adolescence, such as obesity, high blood sugar, and unhealthy lifestyle.


Encouravants need to be intervened early.


The new type of dental cleaner jointly developed by experts from the National University of Science and Technology of Moscow and Viazki National University can fundamentally change the micro -environment of the mouth and eliminate the plaque formed on the teeth. The effect has been confirmed in clinical practice.In the experiment, volunteers used this new type of dental cleaner containing metal nanoparticles for one month, and the number of flora in the oral cavity decreased, and the chemical balance of saliva was gradually normalized.


Micro electric toothbrush?


American scientists have found that if global greenhouse gas emissions are allowed to continue to be high, human sleep will decrease, especially in summer.According to calculations, by 2050, every 100 Americans are expected to add 6 sleeping nights a month.According to their estimates, by 2099, every 100 people will increase to 14 nights.


It’s so hot that I can’t sleep.

15 ~ 20

Australian National University recently released a research result that scientists at the university successfully guided the growth of rats on the semiconductor chip, and formed a neural circuit to develop the so -called "chip brain".This study also provides a platform to better understand the principles of the brain.Observing the behavior of brain cells is the focus of the current research, and the application of research results to the "false brain" that creates prosthetic limbs is the future goal. It is expected that the actual application will take 15 to 20 years.


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