Pregnant women do n’t worry about constipation, 4 methods can help you “run” it, and use it for many people.

Pregnant women must develop good living habits and eating habits. It is best not to form constipation, because constipation will bring more toxins to our body, so that it is not good for the baby’s development.Therefore, pregnant women must learn to relieve constipation.So, how to alleviate constipation of pregnant women?The following editors introduce four ways to relieve constipation.

We have to develop good bowel habits, we can get up in the morning or breakfast habits.Especially after breakfast, the colon promotion activity is more active during this period, which is conducive to the bowel movement of the feces. Normal people generally have the best time to defecate half an hour after breakfast.Therefore, when we have the intention, we must be stirred in time, we must not ignore the intentions, let alone tolerate.Specific mothers should pay attention to the time to go to the toilet should not be too long, otherwise it will cause abdominal pressure to rise, which will cause difficulties in the backbone return.

Pregnant women must pay attention to drinking water every day, but do you have to drink too much at one time, and you must master the skills when drinking water. Otherwise, there is no effect even if you drink water.We can drink water in a fixed time. Do not drink it, and drink it, because this can allow the water to reach the colon as soon as possible, so that we will not be absorbed by the intestine.This can also make feces soft and easy to discharge from the body.

In the late pregnancy, pregnant women will be lazy to move because the body becomes bulky, so it is easy to cause constipation and become more serious in the late pregnancy.However, appropriate amounts of exercise can enhance the contraction of the abdominal muscles of pregnant women, thereby promoting intestinal peristalsis and effectively reducing constipation.Therefore, when pregnant women are increasingly heavy, they should also do some small exercise, such as walking, which can effectively increase the bowel movements of the intestine.

Pregnant women must pay attention to rest during pregnancy to ensure sufficient sleep. At the same time, they should also pay attention to maintaining a happy mood. If pregnant women are irritable, this will also lead to constipation and affect the baby’s development.Therefore, pregnant women must maintain a happy mood and maintain an optimistic mentality so that they can effectively alleviate constipation.

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