Pregnant women eat more fish fetuses, but the "eating method" must be correct, otherwise it will be pitted in the abdomen fetus

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After pregnancy, pregnant mothers pay attention to supplementing nutrition for the baby, correctly and reasonable nutrition, which not only helps the fetus healthy development, but also can develop smarter.Speaking of making the fetus smarter, many pregnant mothers think of "eating fish".Can pregnant women eat fish often during pregnancy, can she really make the fetus smarter?

Indeed, fish is a good source of food with high -quality protein, DHA and EPA.

Fish is an important food source for high -quality protein.

The protein content in fish is about 15%-19%. Although it is not as high as the protein content of pork and beef, the meat of the fish is more tender and easier to digest. It is also one of the best choices for protein supplement during pregnancy.

The Chinese Nutrition Society suggested that the replenishment of pregnant women in early, medium and advanced protein is 55g, 70g, and 85g, respectively.

That is to say, the latter stage is more than 15g of protein more than the previous stage. If you eat fish, you need to eat more than 100g of fish.

Fish is the main source of DHA & EPA.

Most pregnant women eat fish, the most important thing is, to supplement the sufficient DHA and EPA, make the fetal brain development and make the baby smarter.

"Chinese Maternal Maternal and Infant Supplement DHA Expert Consensus" recommends that pregnant women consume 200 mg of DHA daily, and eat more foods rich in DHA.

There are also relevant suggestions for eating fish: pregnant women can eat fish 2-3 times a week, one of which is deep-sea fish, and they often eat eggs to supplement some DHA.

In addition, eating fish can also help pregnant mothers supplement vitamin D, calcium, potassium and other nutrients. These are also necessary nutrition for the healthy development of the fetus.

It was also analyzed earlier that eating fish does have many benefits for the development of pregnant women and fetuses, but they also pay attention to it when eating. This is also what pregnant mothers need to understand in advance.

1. DHA content in different fish meat is different, and you must eat selectively.

The content of DHA in different fish is also different. Deep sea cold water fish (such as cod, salmon) DHA content is the highest, and then sea bass, tuna, freshwater salmon, carp, snapper, etc., Big head fish, Luo Fei fish, these contents are lower.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers eat fish, they can also pay attention to the appropriate selection according to the DHA content.

2. Although eating fish is good, it is not recommended to eat every day.

There may be a lot of pregnant mothers who think that since there are so many benefits to eating fish in pregnant women, I eat fish every day. In fact, it is not recommended to do this.

Because of the risk of "mercury and other heavy metals pollution", especially large sea fish, when purchasing, it is not sure which waters are from, whether the metal will exceed the standard. Therefore, in order to avoid this risk, the number of fish eating is good.Avoid eating every day.

3. These 3 kinds of fish are not recommended to eat pregnant women, and they may also pit their babies if they do not make up for nutrition.

① sashimi

Many women like to eat sashimi, but it is not recommended to eat after pregnancy.

Because raw fish slices may not only carry bacteria, parasites, etc., but also lead and mercury can exceed the standard. There may also be that due to improper preservation, rotten deterioration, etc., hygiene can not be guaranteed.

These factors, for pregnant women, are risk factor, may lead to poisoning, and may directly affect the development of the fetus, and there will be malformations, abortion, and premature birth.

So, even if women who love sashimi sashimi, they should avoid their mouths after pregnancy. They want to eat baby to be born, or even eat after weaning, and they are good for the baby.

② Pickled salted fish

In many places, I like to eat marinated salted fish, not only can the fish that could not be eaten at that time, but the taste was really good.

However, salted fish is a pickled product, and the sodium content may exceed the standard. Frequently eating may affect the blood pressure of pregnant mothers and lead to high blood pressure. In addition, the content of marinated foods is often high.Causes impact.

Therefore, the method of eating this kind of fish, pregnant mothers also have to bear it. It is best not to eat it. Except for salted fish, other pickled foods, pregnant mothers are best not to eat.

③ Canned fish

Many people like to eat canned fish, especially the canned tuna. There may also be pregnant women who do not like to eat fish made at home because they are not delicious, and tuna contains DHA high. Can I eat tuna every week?

Of course, it is not recommended.It is also considered the problem of exceeding the standard of mercury. From the perspective of hygiene and food safety, it is recommended that pregnant mothers eat fresh fish at home.

In daily eating, there are many ways to fish meat, such as steamed, braised, stewed, grilled fish, fried fish, fish soup, etc. These methods are all possible.Pregnant women’s taste preferences often rotate to eat. After all, if you only eat one method of fish throughout pregnancy, pregnant mothers may also get tired.

What needs to be reminded is that if you boil fish soup, not only drink soup, but also fish meat. The main nutrition is still in meat. It is not like the "soup is more nutritious". After allLimited, if you want to add nutrition, you still have to eat meat.

Of course, there may be some pregnant mothers who do n’t like fish. They do n’t like to do it. Then how to supplement DHA? You can drink a pregnant woman milk powder that adds DHA. You can also consult a doctor to eat a pregnant woman DHA supplement, but you must not care.

Do you like to eat fish and how to eat it?Do you pay special attention to DHA during pregnancy?

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