Pregnant women eat more fruit and skin?wrong!I don’t know how to know these five points, it is best not to eat fruits for pregnant mothers

Mother Jing often goes to lectures on some pregnant mothers, and she will communicate more with pregnant mothers. Many mothers want to raise a beautiful child.

Many mothers insist that you must eat more fruits when you are pregnant, because the vitamin content in the fruits is relatively high and more moisture. In the future, the child’s skin will be very good.Moreover, eating fruits in pregnancy is generally supplemented in shape. Eating more apple children’s skin will be pink and tender. Eat more grape children’s eyes will be black and bright like grapes.

Jing Ma asked them, what about eating oranges?Moms said: Do n’t eat more oranges. In the future, children will become yellow. I said that eating more bananas children will also become yellow and yellow. Eat more kiwi children ’s skin will become green?

So when I am pregnant, I eat fruit. Children’s skin will become white and red. This is not scientific. We can eat some fruits to supplement vitamins and moisture.

However, pregnant women are a special group. Pay more attention when eating fruit, otherwise eating is not only not good for health, but also harmful to the fetus.First understand these five points before eating fruit.

1. The constitution is cold or warm, heat

Some pregnant women will be constipated as soon as they eat lychee, gingivitis, and durian will feel uncomfortable when they eat durian. It may be a hot constitution.

2. Is there too much gastric acid

If there is too much stomach acid, eating a acidic fruit may cause acid reflux and uncomfortable body.Don’t eat too sour fruits at this time.

3. Is there any high blood sugar

There are a large amount of fructose in fruits. These fructose is a very easy to digest and absorb sugar. Entering the body will increase the sugar that can easily increase the body. High blood sugar is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Choose some fruits with a low sugar lift index to eat.

4. Is there any fruit allergy

Jing Ma was okay to eat mango before pregnancy. After pregnancy, a friend of Guangxi Baise sent a box of mangoes to give me. After eating, the mouth swollen, and then she dared not eat mango again.

Some mothers will be allergic to pineapple or allergies for allergies. Eating some safer fruits that are safer during pregnancy will not have allergies to protect pregnant women and fetuses.

5. Is there any dental caries or gingivitis

More than half of the crowd have dental caries. 8 adults in Jingma’s house are just one without dental caries.After pregnancy, due to hormones, dental caries are prone to attack.At this time, you must eat less meat, such as litchi, longan and durian, can easily lead to gingivitis or periodontitis.

After eating fruits, be sure to pay attention to mouthwash, and even brush your teeth, because the sugar in the fruit, or some flesh sticking to the teeth can cause bacteria to breed and stimulate the gums.

After understanding your physical condition, you still know the fruit. Choose the fruit according to your physical condition and the characteristics of the fruit to make us eat healthier and more nutritious.

1. Cold:

Watermelon, banana, kiwi, melon, grapefruit and mulberry are cold fruits.Pregnant women who belong to thermal constitution can eat.But it is not recommended to eat diarrhea.

2. Coolness:

Fire dragon fruit, pear, apple, mangosteen, strawberry, coriander, these are cold fruits, also cold fruits. It is also a good choice to eat pear when it is comparable to throat discomfort.

3. Neutral:

Grapes, oranges, papaya, passion fruit, lemon, especially lemon and passion fruit. It is recommended that mothers with poor appetite in the early pregnancy can be used to drink water and add some honey water.a little better.

4, temperature:

Litchi, peaches, longan, peaches, chestnuts, coconut meat, red dates, etc. are warm fruits. Moms should pay attention to prevent symptoms such as fire.

A friend of Jing Jing sent her a few pounds of red dates to her when she was pregnant. As a result, she had a sore throat, and then she made her husband finished.

5. Hot nature:

It is mainly durian. There is a saying of three chickens of durian in the folk. Pregnant women with strong yang should eat less.

If pregnant mothers do not know their physical fitness, they eat a small amount of fruits and observe whether there are some uncomfortable situations, such as toothache, too much eye feces, or urine and cherry.Try to eat less or not.

1. Vitamin C:

Fresh fruit is the main source of human vitamin C.If the fruits we eat are sour, the content of vitamin C is generally higher. If it is sweeter, it means that the sugar points will be higher.

Most of the fruits are relatively sweet now, because they are usually eaten when they are mature. Immature fruits contain more vitamin C. There may also be some ingredients that are not conducive to digestion and absorption.

2. Carotene:

Some colored fruits are rich in carotene, such as orange, begonia, apricot, coriander, and mango. Among them, the mango content is the most

Rich.Iron -rich fruits include peach, pear, apricot, etc.But if you eat more carotene fruits, you may become yellow when you eat too much, so pay attention.

3. Organic acid:

Fruit contains organic acids such as citric acid, alcoholic acid, and apple acid, which can promote the secretion of digestive solution;

Jianjia can promote appetite and help digestion and absorption.

The vitamins of dried fruit will become less, but because the water is less protein, the content of sugar and minerals will grow. It is made of rice like porridge and rice, but the nutritional value of rice is higher than the same bowl of porridge.The water of rice is less nutritious.

4. Raw sugar index:

The nutrition of the largest fruit related to pregnant women is sugar. Generally, it is recommended that pregnant women should not consume too much fruits. It is mainly afraid that the blood sugar is too high. It is recommended to choose fruit with slower sugar index.

The GI value of the glycemic index means that under the premise of the same carbohydrate content (generally compares the same 50g of carbohydrate compounds

Compared with), the effect of raising blood sugar after a certain food meals and reference foods (usually glucose or soft sugar -free white bread) increases the effect of blood sugar.

Fruit, kiwi, mandarin, banana+

Fruits with extremely low GI values (GI values below 40): apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, grapefruit, cherry.

1. Mango

Mom Jing tried mango allergies when she was pregnant, and a few days ago, a pregnant relative saw that the mango on the market was very beautiful. I went to buy it. After eating, I fell asleep and felt itchy.Swelling.

Many of the mangoes on the market are picked up by seven mature, and they are cooked with ripeners.Therefore, the mango we bought not only has a large amount of protein and alkaloids, but also the aldosteric acid unique to unique mango that is not completely mature can easily cause contact dermatitis.

Skin allergies are okay. Some mothers may have respiratory allergies, throat edema and even dangerous life.

Among more than a thousand patients with allergies for more than a thousand cases, mango is over 90 %.

2. Bananas urged with sulfur dioxide

Looking at the outer skin with sulfur dioxide, the yellow and yellow but the flesh is still hard, and it is not sweet at all.Sulfur dioxide is harmful to the human body.Can cause allergic reactions.

3. Cafe

There are some yellow peach toxins in the altar. If you are a kidney disease, there is no way to excrete this toxin out of the body, causing the gastrointestinal nervous system lesions.So if you have any problems with the kidneys, you can’t eat it.

4, kiwi

In particular, some mature kiwi can easily cause allergic laryngitis. After eating, the tongue is numb and itchy throat. In severe cases, it may also develop into oral mucosal edema.If you find difficult to breathe, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

5. Pineapple

Pineapple contains biofide and pineapple proteases.It will cause allergies, and allergies such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, numbness of lips, and itchy skin will occur.When you eat pineapple, you must put it in light saline for more than ten minutes after cutting, and then eat it after destroying pineapple protease.

1. Don’t eat more

It is generally recommended to eat fruits for more than half a catty every day, and it is half less than vegetables. It is not possible to replace vegetables with fruits. Otherwise, not only will vitamins insufficient, but it may also lead to too fast weight growth.

2. Eat these kinds of fruits less or not

For example, hot fruits such as durian are best to eat less or not, otherwise discomfort will occur.

Eat a small amount of fruits that are prone to allergies. For example, mango eats about one at a time, and it is best not to let the mango get on the skin to prevent skin allergies.

If you find that you have any symptoms of allergies, you will be more to eat.

3. If you have gestational diabetes, you should choose a fruit with a very low lift index

At least one or two mothers now have gestational diabetes, so it is important to control blood sugar. Fruit sugar is high. It is recommended that you eat some fruits with extremely low sugar index when choosing fruits.

Jing Ma strongly recommends eating apples and pears, because not only the sugar lift index is low, but also some studies have found that the child’s chance of asthma after birth can be greatly reduced.

Finnish research surveyed the diet of 2441 children under 5 years old and their mother, and also found that in the pregnancy diet during pregnancy, if apples (such as apple, pear, begonia, etc.) have too little intake, children will suffer from allergies.The risk of Wheezing increased by 45 %.

4. Pay attention to rinse after eating fruit

The fruit sugar in the fruits and the fruits are organic acid, which will have a certain corrosion effect on the teeth. Therefore, you must rinse your mouth after eating the fruit.

5. Eat complete fruits instead of drinking fruit juice

The juice sugar is high, but the dietary fiber is gone, and it will increase blood sugar when eating.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women do not make fruit juice for the taste, but eat complete fruits.

Topic: What fruits do you eat most often when you are pregnant?

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