Pregnant women eat more grape baby eyes?Eat blindly, so that the pregnant mother is very injured

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After pregnancy, the pregnant mother enters a special period, and in all aspects is different from before.For example, eating, you ca n’t diet to lose weight will since pregnancy, and you have to match what you eat every day to ensure that the nutritional intake is sufficient and make the baby baby develop well.

But in fact, many sayings about dietary nutrition during pregnancy are misunderstandings, and they are not so good. They may also cause harm to pregnant women and fetuses.

A friend talked with her mother -in -law. She found pregnancy in the summer. She couldn’t eat anything seriously during pregnancy.

After entering the autumn, after the early pregnancy, she was a lot better. My mother -in -law saw her appetite. I bought fruits for her every day. It was said that "eating more fruits and baby skin is good.

Grape is a fruit that must be bought every time, and also stares at her every day. As long as she saw her not eating, it would be a more".

After eating a month of grapes, the doctor told her that the fetus was one week larger than the last time, and suggested that she control her diet.

But she doesn’t usually eat much, and the staple food herself is intentionally controlled. How can the baby be too big?Finally, I discussed with the doctor and found that "the grapes are too much."

Let’s first analyze and analyze this statement. The reason why there is such a statement should be that the shape of the grapes looks like the eyes, which is big and round.In fact, there are a lot of similar gestational statements:

Eating soy sauce will make the baby’s skin black;

Eating white food will make your baby white;

Eat more fruits and babies are more watery …

Of course, a rational analysis shows that such a statement is unreasonable.

The size and shape of the baby’s eyes are related. If the eyes of the parents are good, the baby’s eyes are mostly beautiful, but if the parents are small, the baby’s eyes will be difficult no matter what the pregnant mother eats.

Instead, listening to some statements during pregnancy, eating fruits blindly is not good for yourself and the fetus.

Just like a friend in front, eat grapes every day, grapes are very sweet, and if you eat too much, you can easily eat "exceeding the standard", making the pregnant mother grow too fast and too much, and it is easy to make the fetus large.

In fact, how much fruits are eating daily during pregnancy are recommended.

According to the "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2016 Edition)", the recommended amount of pregnant women’s daily fruits is 200-400 grams.

In other words, eating up to 400 grams of fruits a day. Can pregnant mothers calculate their daily fruits. Is it overburned by many people?

I remember that there was a news for 6 months. She was a pregnant mother in Guizhou. She was a baby who had a water spirit. After pregnancy, the fruit kept eating. Apple ate it every day, and also ate a pound of lychee every day. The most important thing was the most important thing.She hadn’t done a good job because she hadn’t done a good job because she was busy.

As a result, the fetus stopped developing in the palace one week before the due date. The doctor’s examination was gestational diabetes, and the blood sugar was as high as 26mmol / L.

In this way, because the fruits eat a lot and do not have a birth check, they can meet the baby for a week, but leave a lifelong regret.

If she eats fruits normally during pregnancy, and do a good job of checking on time, listening to the doctor’s suggestion, this tragedy will not happen.

▲ How to eat fruits correctly during pregnancy?

① The amount of fruits per day is appropriate.

As mentioned earlier, the recommended amount given by Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines, up to 400g daily. Even if pregnant women who love fruit, do not eat freely. It is best not to exceed 500g.

② Eat according to individual physical fitness.

Each person has different constitutions, and you should pay attention to eating fruits. For example, pregnant women with cold constitutions must eat less cold fruits.

If it is a pregnant woman with yin deficiency and fire, it is best to eat less hot fruits; there are also pregnant women with oral ulcers and constipation, and they should eat less hot fruits.

③ Fruit must have a choice to eat.

There are many types of fruits in the market, but pregnant women eat fruits. In addition to considering physical fitness, it is necessary to choose seasonal and fresh fruits. It is best to choose different types of fruits every day., Don’t get tired.

Some pregnant mothers may say that eating different types of fruits is easy to eat. In fact, it can be made into a fruit platter. Several fruits can be cut. The total amount is almost 200-400g.

In short, the role of fruits is not so amazing. Do n’t blindly superstitious for pregnant mothers and family members. They think that eating more fruits has a lot of benefits and good for the fetus.

In fact, if you want the fetus to develop well, there are diverse types of food and a more important nutritional balance.In addition to fruits, fresh vegetables, meat, milk, soy products, fish and shrimp, nuts, etc. are the best, which will help supplement a variety of nutrients and be more conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

Do you like to eat fruits during pregnancy? What fruits do you often eat?Welcome to share your diet experience during pregnancy.

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