Pregnant women have wisdom teeth, but the doctor said that the teeth cannot be pulled, otherwise the consequences are serious!

For most people, tooth extraction is really insignificant. After all, who has a small problem in life in life.However, for special groups such as pregnant women, tooth extraction is not a trivial matter, and accidentally hurts the baby in the stomach.

During pregnancy, you cannot get teeth during pregnancy

Ms. Zhang finally pregnant with her baby this year, and her family was happy to welcome the arrival of new life.But in the past two days, Miss Zhang’s teeth suddenly started pain and bleeding, and had no appetite for eating.As soon as I went to the hospital, I found that the wisdom teeth were making trouble.

After discussing the family, the family decided to pull out the wisdom tooth.However, doctors said that it may not be possible to abortion during pregnancy, so it may cause abortion of pregnant women, so it can only do conservative treatment such as simple rinse and medicine to eliminate inflammation.

At the same time, the doctor told Miss Zhang that if she had a dental examination before pregnancy, she would not have to suffer so much sin now.

What do you do?

There are some conventional gynecological examinations before pregnancy. Many expectant mothers already know, but many people know about pre -pregnancy tests.

Dental examinations before pregnancy mainly check caries, periodontal diseases, crown weekly inflammation, residual roots, etc., and conduct tooth cleaning and dental dental dental dental dental treatment according to the test results.

In fact, ophthalmology is not limited to expectant mothers, but also the concept of prospective father.If the prospective dad suffers from dental diseases such as periodontitis and periodontitis, it will also affect the quality of the sperm. At the same time, the caries may be transmitted to the expectant mother when kissing.

Warm reminder from dentist

In addition to dental examinations before pregnancy to prevent and eliminate potential dental lesions, after pregnancy, you should pay special attention to the hygiene and health care of the teeth.

Many pregnant women like to eat acidic foods and sweets during pregnancy, coupled with pregnancy vomiting reactions, can easily hurt their teeth.Therefore, you must develop your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, and rinse your mouth after vomiting.Pregnant women should choose toothbrushes with small brush heads and soft brushes to avoid gum bleeding.At the same time, eat less sweets and snacks to prevent caries.

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