Pregnant women in early pregnancy are particularly afraid of cold. Why?

[Introduction] Fear of cold in early pregnancy is one of the normal reactions during pregnancy. Because the placenta development of the placenta in the first three months after pregnancy is not complete, the body temperature of pregnant women will be high, and it will be afraid of cold.After the placenta is fully developed, the situation of fear of cold will be alleviated. Therefore, pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much, but the need for warmth measures to keep the pregnant mothers should do a good job to prevent colds during pregnancy and affect the baby’s health.

Experienced mothers know that pregnant women in early pregnancy will be particularly afraid of cold. Why?

Experts said that in the first three months after pregnancy, the placenta in the abdomen is still at the beginning of development, which will keep the body temperature of expectant mothers at a high level, so generally pregnant women will have a fear of cold.After the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta is gradually developing, and the body temperature of the pregnant mother will tend to be normal, and the situation of fear of cold will be relieved.After the early stages of pregnancy, the blood volume in the pregnant mother will increase, which will lead to the increase in the heat of the body, which is not afraid of cold in the later stage.

Another important aspect of fear of cold in the early stages of pregnancy is that the pregnant mother is poor, or the nutrition during pregnancy does not keep up, such as carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake, resulting in weakness in pregnant women and fear of cold.From this point of view, the phenomenon of being afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy is not obvious, because they have good physical fitness.

In the early stages of pregnancy, there is another reason for cold -the thyroid function is low.Due to the low thyroid dysfunction, pregnant women have caused endocrine disorders and low metabolism. This also has such examples in clinical practice.

Regardless of the reasons, the pregnant women are afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to keeping warm. In the early pregnancy, special attention should be paid to the reduction of clothes, paying attention to rest, drinking more water, and proper transportation to prevent colds during pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to keep warm, and have more cotton underwear. Do not stand at the air in the air.

2. Do some mild exercises, such as walking and making pregnant women.

3. Eat more warm foods in diet, such as brown sugar and ginger soup.

4. To regulate your mood, don’t worry too much, and ensure sufficient sleep.

5. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and nuts during pregnancy, such as apples, walnuts, etc.

6. Be sure to add enough folic acid to enhance physical immunity.

7. Periodic inspection should be performed regularly.

1. Appropriate adjustment room temperature

Although pregnant women are afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy, their own body temperature is higher than that of ordinary people. Therefore, if it is in summer, pregnant women do not need special additional warmth. Instead, pay attention to adjust the room temperature.Or the fan blows cold.If it is in winter, it is recommended to turn on the heating and adjust the indoor temperature to the appropriate room temperature, so that the expectant mothers can feel comfortable.

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2. Wear pregnant women with warm underwear

The prospective mothers who are afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy can wear warm underwear to keep warm in summer or winter. The degree of warmth of underwear. Pregnant mothers can consult the shopping guide according to the specific weather conditions, and then buy appropriate products.If it is in winter, pregnant mothers wear warm underwear and outside, and they also need to wear a loose sweater, a trench coat, and the cold invasion in all aspects.

3. Wear warm shoes

One of the obvious phenomena of expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy is that it is prone to cold hands and feet. This is because in the early stages of pregnancy, most of the blood of pregnant women is concentrated in the uterus, and the blood flow of the end of the limbs is slightly insufficient.Be sure to do it well. The most direct way is to prepare a pair of warm cotton slippers that can wrap the heels. You can also wear warm slippers after putting on cotton socks.

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