Pregnant women need to supplement folic acid, why don’t ordinary people need it?

Many people are unfamiliar with the word folic acid. What is folic acid? Folic acid is also called vitamin B9. It is a water -soluble vitamin. Most of the folic acid is extracted in spinach leaves.The role of folic acid is many. The most typical is to treat women’s anemia and auxiliary pregnancy. The maximum effect of folic acid is to prevent neural tube malformations. The effect is up to 85%, which has been used to prevent neural tube deformed by many countries.

Some people have people who have been born from a young age or the more abnormal nerves have been born since childhood. Why? Why? This is exactly because of the negligence of mothers during pregnancy.In the early days of our country, poverty and backward in some places, folic acid cannot popularize to those areas, which will cause a large number of children with problems with problems. Therefore, it is important to take folic acid in pregnant women.

In the current society, folic acid is distributed for free for pregnant women, because pregnant women must supplement folic acid in time three months before pregnancy, so that the nervous system of the fetus can be developed without malformations, causing unnecessary tragedy and pain.Especially for pregnant women with poor living standards, they do not often eat some fruits or vegetables rich in folic acid, which will make the fetus more likely to have neuro tube deformities.

Eating folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy will cause the baby’s nervous system to develop in poor development, and it is likely to be a problematic child.Therefore, pregnant women must take folic acid. In the first three months, they should eat some fruits and vegetables rich in folic acid. Do not ignore this detail.

Because ordinary people are born, the brain nerve development is complete. Even if you take a lot of folic acid, you will not make your brain smarter or make the nervous system better.damage.

In addition, ordinary people can absorb folic acid from eating vegetables and fruits.The body’s absorption and storage of folic acid are actually limited. Excessive folic acid will be excreted by the human body. Food in people in daily life can already meet the needs of the human body, so it is no longer necessary to supplement folic acid.

The fetus cannot eat vegetables and fruits, so it can only be drawn from the mother’s body, that is, the mother’s body, and the natural folic acid in vegetables and fruits is extremely unstable. Therefore, pregnant women need to eat folic acid to supplement.Fetal intelligence develops better.

Therefore, ordinary people do not need to eat folic acid, as long as they usually have a balanced diet, pregnant women must replenish in time.

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