Pregnant women should pay attention to these four symptoms. It may be abortion.

I believe that female friends have a certain understanding of the symptoms of miscarriage. Abortion refers to the phenomenon of miscarriage in the process of pregnancy that causes accidents during pregnancy.There are many reasons for abortion. They usually do not pay attention to nursing or perform heavy physical work, or use certain drugs to cause abortion.So how should we prevent abortion?What are the symptoms before miscarriage? Let’s take a closer look at it:

1. Bleeding.Pregnant women have a small amount of blood wire in the early pregnancy. This may be normal physiological phenomenon, which may be caused by the cause of blood stasis in the body without timely discharge.It should be attracted high attention. It may be caused by abnormalities or uterine inflammation in the uterus in the uterus. You should go to the hospital for examination in time and take a good measure of fetal protection.abortion.

2. Abdominal pain.There is minor abdominal pain during pregnancy, and abdominal pain in the short term is not a big deal. It only needs to be adjusted to relieve the symptoms.However, there is symptoms of persistent abdominal pain and severe abdominal pain, then it may be caused by ectopic pregnancy and hydatiditic tires, and it may be a precursor to miscarriage.

3. Abnormal fetal movement.The regular fetal movement is the signal of a healthy baby. If the frequency of fetal movement of the baby suddenly changes, or the number of times is abnormal, it means that the baby has a health problem, which is likely to have a abortion after the fetal movement is abnormal.

4. Itching of the whole body.Many pregnant women mistakenly believe that itching of the whole body is not very related to abortion. In fact, itching of the whole body can cause the baby’s anxiety. It may also be that the baby has abnormalities and causes systemic itching symptoms. It can also be said to be a precursor of miscarriage.

Reduce sexual life.The number of sexual life should be controlled during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy fetus is not very stable. At this time, sexual life must be prohibited. In the middle and late pregnancy, you can properly perform sexual life, but you must pay attention to the correct way.To the abdomen and affect the stability of the fetus.

Avoid abuse of drugs.We know that you ca n’t use medicine during pregnancy. It is best not to take any drugs. If there is a small disease, you can take food therapy to relieve it.Under the circumstances, drug therapy can be used, but it is necessary to take reasonable medication under the guidance of a doctor. It is best to take Chinese medicine treatment.

Reduce the amount of activity.Do not perform difficult exercise and physical strength during pregnancy, because severe exercise will affect the stability of the fetus and it is easy to have abortion.

Kind tips

There are many things to pay attention to during pregnancy. The most important thing is that pregnant women should observe their physical health at any time. If the above -mentioned symptoms have occurred, they must be paid high.Fetal measures can minimize the occurrence of miscarriage.

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