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Following the rules and regulations, of course, there is no problem, but in the face of special circumstances, it is not possible to make any change.

Some netizens have left a message at the local leadership message section of the People’s Daily Online: Screenshot

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According to media reports, after obtaining a written test second and first interview, after the first good score, the total score was not the first of the chest, and the five other pregnant women were lacked by the local Education and Sports Bureau for the lack of medical examination items.Xiang was not qualified as "out of the door" and could not publicly recruit employment through the teachers last year.Zou Xiaolin and five other pregnant women questioned that the local Cultural and Education and Sports Bureau discriminated against pregnant women in disguise on the grounds of the lack of medical examination projects.

Objectively speaking, the reason why the Local Cultural and Education and Sports Bureau operates like this is to a large extent just acting as a chapter, and it may not be intentional.According to the second batch of public recruitment of primary and secondary school kindergarten teachers announced by the Cultural Education and Sports Health Bureau issued by the Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Zone in June 2019. The requirements for medical examinations should be in accordance with the "Henan Provincial Teachers Qualification Applicants Physical Examination Standard (revised in 2017 in 2017) "Executive, in addition, the recruitment announcement emphasized," Candidates who cannot prepare a complete medical report within the prescribed period are deemed to be unqualified in physical examination. "

No rules, no standards.Following the rules and regulations, of course, there is no problem, but in the face of special circumstances, it is not possible to make any change.In fact, this kind of thing is not the first time.Last year, a blind school was applied for a blind school teacher’s position. The first incident that the written test interview had attracted public opinion due to the obstruction of the medical examination standard of the civil servant.

Back to the medical examination of a pregnant woman, the chest threatening is a item for checking the pulmonary trachea. At present, there are no other examination methods that can be replaced. In the medical examination table of the teacher qualification applicants in Henan Province over the years, the chest perspective is listed as a separate one.A medical examination item.However, because X -rays will affect the development of the fetus, pregnant women clearly cannot do radial chest diarrhea.When the rules have encountered special circumstances, do you have no room for melting?

There are many taboos during medical examinations for pregnant women, which is basic common sense.During the medical examination, 10 women said that she was a pregnant woman who could not do chest diarrhea, and told Ms. Zhang, the person in charge of the Cultural and Education Sports Health Bureau.Now that we know this, the Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau should conduct timely research and take the initiative to take corresponding measures, instead of waiting for the results to come out after the results come out, and rejected the pregnant woman from the door to the reason.Such a negative work style may not be injustice to discriminate against pregnant women in disguise.

Among the several pregnant women who were selected, some people once left a message on the leader of Henan Xinxiang leaders to report the matter. There are only a few words in the Plain Demonstration Zone, but this is "in combination with the situation where teachers in our district are very scarce to meet the needs of teachers in our district".In the sentence, it is not difficult to see the urgent mood of the local Cultural and Education Body Health Bureau in the hurry to recruit immediately. This is intriguing with whether there is a certain connection between the mechanical rigid execution of superior documents.

Take a step back, even if pregnant women cannot do such a "medical examination missing item" for a while, it is indeed impossible to solve it. They can also consider waiting for these people’s physical condition to be allowed and make up for them.Some netizens said that the approach of their area is to postpone one year of employment. The year of pregnancy pays the salary of the year. After the child is born, the physical examination is fully checked, and the formal employment procedures are qualified.In contrast, the practice of the Cultural and Education and Sports Health Bureau of Xinxiang Plain Demonstration District undoubtedly lacks some humanization.

The post of "one radish and one pit" is indeed special. The recruitment department hopes that the newly -employed teacher can be understood immediately.However, at the moment when creating a childcare -friendly society, we must not only effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of pregnant women, but also give more care and care as much as possible within a reasonable range.After pregnancy, it will face many difficulties. If you still have to suffer other "hidden rules" or even intentionally or unintentional "difficult", wouldn’t it be chilling?Whether it can be properly solved is not only directly related to the fate of Zou Xiaolin, but also about the maintenance of the legitimate rights and interests of pregnant women’s groups.

□ Hu Xinhong (Teacher)

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