Pregnant women who are pregnant at 39 weeks are upright with a big belly, and netizens commented attentively: Not a qualified mother

Introduction: After women are pregnant, most people are regarded as vulnerable groups, especially when the stomach is big in the later stages of pregnancy, they need to be careful.At this time, the family will take care of it to prevent pregnant mothers from doing bigger movements, and to prevent pregnant mothers bigger. As for fitness and pull -ups, it is even more impossible.

However, some pregnant mothers do not go for ordinary ways. They also do fitness at 39 weeks of pregnancy. The drawing is upward, with a weight of 40 pounds … The training items are shocked.

Langfang, Hebei, a 39 -week pregnant woman with a huge belly was fitness. Smith’s empty rod squatting was 40 pounds, and he could easily become a traction.

The pregnant mother has been pregnant for 39 weeks, and her abdomen has a full moon. She was a national first -class wrestling player. After retiring, she became a bodybuilder.All of them were 100 kg before pregnancy, and 10-20 kg did not heavy for her.

In an interview with pregnant mothers, fitness will not affect the child’s premature birth. If it is fast, it will be born in the early morning. The most enthusiastic comment is that they are not qualified mothers, but no one will love their children more than their mother.

I really watch a lot of people. In the hearts of many people, some expectant mothers are cautious after pregnancy. They dare not cross the big step.Sitting, almost no physical exercise.In fact, in a special period of pregnancy, we must pay more attention to exercise, which is good for health and giving birth to baby.Proper exercise can improve the blood circulation of expectant mothers, helping to prevent or relieve uncomfortable symptoms such as constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, edema, calf cramps, and waist and back pain.It helps to control the weight and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, so that you have a better chance to choose a smooth birth and make it more smoothly.EssenceHelp release stress, stabilize emotions, and improve sleep.It is conducive to recovery of postpartum body and physical strength.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers can do aerobic exercise. Such exercises can enhance cardiopulmonary function, and the operating range is relatively small and safer.Common and suitable aerobic exercises during pregnancy include walking, running, climbing, swimming, Tai Chi, etc.In addition, you can also do some low -intensity anaerobic exercises.

It is more suitable for the exercise of pregnant mothers to summarize it during pregnancy. You can take a look.

1. Walk

If pregnant mothers usually do not exercise, then they should step forward after pregnancy and do their best.You can start with a walk and slowly transition to fast walk.Accompanied by your family, you can take a walk in the community or in a nearby park.Be careful not to go too crowded or poor, and don’t go out as a "vacuum cleaner" to suck into unhealthy air.

At first, you can take a walk for 10 minutes a day, and then slowly add to 30 minutes.The speed of walking is also slowly accelerated. After a period of adaptation, it slowly achieves the medium intensity of walking.After adapting to the way, you can also try some other sports according to your own situation.

2. Swimming

If pregnant mothers like to swim, they need to choose a swimming pool with good water quality, safe and secure, to avoid a lot of people, so as not to be kicked by people in the swimming pool, and can also reduce the possibility of infection disease.

You can do some warm -up exercises to prevent leg cramps in the water.When walking on the shore, you must pay attention to non -slip, it is best to have family or friends.

3. Yoga or Prate

Pregnant mothers can do some gentle yoga or Pirati, but it is recommended to do suitable actions based on the stage of pregnancy under the guidance of professional coaches.If you are a novice, do not do too much action, and do not keep for too long.

4. Low -intensity anaerobic exercise

Pregnant mothers can do some low -intensity anaerobic exercises, especially the movement of the core muscle group of the waist and back. This can alleviate the symptoms of waist and back discomfort caused by the weight gain and the center of gravity of the body in the middle and late pregnancy, and prevent lumbar disc herniation.

Appropriate anaerobic training can also improve the basal metabolic rate, improve immunity, help the baby when giving birth, and help postpartum recovery.So as not to cause exercise damage.

5. Caiger Movement

Many people are relatively unfamiliar with the name of Kiger’s sports. This is actually a kind of exercise that is very suitable for pregnancy. Many people also call it "pelvic movement".In simple terms, it is to restore the elasticity by repeating contraction and relaxation of the bottom muscle.

The above summarizes are more suitable sports for pregnant mothers. Some sports are not so safe for pregnant mothers. It is best not to do it during pregnancy, such as football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, gymnastics, diving, high temperature yoga, etc.

Pregnant mothers also need to pay attention to the following points. Exercise can be safer and effective: warm -up before exercise, stretch after exercise, so as to protect the joints.Movement reaches moderate intensity: The criteria for judging the strength of the exercise are the level of heart rate during exercise. Monitoring may not be very convenient to monitor. You can use a simpler way to judge -if you can speak during exercise, you can breathe, but you can breathe.Middle intensity.150 minutes per week: you can disassemble the amount of exercise a week. For example, exercise for 30 minutes per day, 2 times in divided into 15 minutes, so that it is easier to achieve the goal of 150 minutes a week.

There is a certain benefit of appropriate amount of exercise. However, pregnant mothers must pay attention to controlling the amount of exercise. Some pregnant women may usually hope to see the fitness effect quickly, so they do not control the amount of exercise.Do not pay attention to your own ability to withstand your ability, which is likely to cause excessive exercise, and your body load is worse.

Many expectant mothers will experience early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy. If the response is relatively heavy, you can wait until the middle of the pregnancy, and the early pregnancy response disappears before starting to exercise.During the exercise, if stomach pain, amniotic fluid outflow, dyspnea, dizziness, headache, chest pain, calf muscle pain or swelling, etc., stop quickly, and go to the doctor as soon as possible if necessary.

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